SomniCorps is the successor to SomniLabs. It was formed shortly following the creation of the Dreamwalking Thesis as well as a means of responding the emerging supernatural threats in the world following the Second Rupture. They are an organization independent of any government, and they employ individuals from all over the world including other spirits, demi-gods and gods.

SomniCorps’ main headquarters are located in Phoenix, Arizona. However, they do have dedicated facilities for a variety purposes such as research, storage and containment of dangerous supernatural entities.


After the Dreamwalking Thesis was published, it became clear that the world’s militaries were not equipped to handle these supernatural threats. While countries across the world began to train their soldiers to fight dark spirits and other dream beings, the Supreme Court of the US declared that the International Outer Space treaty also applied to dream worlds, a notion which was accepted fairly quickly by other members of the UN. As such, it would be illegal for any country to establish a military presence in any dream world or any planet or moon. As a result, a private group of individuals was able to lobby for more government grants to form a special military division dedicated to fighting threats from beyond Earth. Having built their research from the assets of SomniLabs, this organization became known as SomniCorps.

SomniCorps worked in collaboration with other dreamwalking organizations such as the Guardians of Ahona and the Order of St. Julian to build its numbers. Because of how uncommon skilled dreamwalkers were, SomniCorps had to broaden its criteria for entry. They were a volunteer organization and would accept anyone age 16 or more, and they had to be able to mastered some control over their own dreamwalking powers. Even a few gods and demi-gods joined SomniCorps’ ranks to lend their support.

Incidents of supernatural invasions were often very isolated and against non-human opponents. As a result, SomniCorps had to rely on unconventional, asymmetric warfare to accomplish their mission. Small, specialized strike teams were the optimal format. Teams were often divided by age and experience. Younger strike teams were tasked with fending off lower-scaled threats while older, more experienced members would fight against enemies that threatened the lives of others.




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