Hateeaters are a type of pack hunting spirit with a short, squat appearance with a resemblance to goblins. Just as their name implies, Hateeaters prey off rage and anger, and they have considered to have more complex strategies for feeding, specifically farming a victim for hate by inciting it towards people around them.


Hateeaters, while considered irrational, are capable of human speech. They work by insulting and spreading scandalous rumors about a person. This in turn causes humans to inadvertently dream more Hateeaters into existence. Any attempts of reasoning with them are doomed to fail as they are specifically designed to procreate and feed by inciting hate.

A band of Hateeaters will continue to stalk and torment a person until they become a husk of their former selves. If the victim takes their own life or is murdered, the Hateeaters will move on to the next target. Hateeaters are also difficult to get rid of. Killing one only causes them to multiply further. The only way to defeat a band of Hateeaters is to somehow starve them to death to cause them to vanish.

As a result, they have the reputation as the most dangerous dark spirit on Earth. They have caused the destruction of entire civilizations turning them into barren wastelands of anarchy by provoking widespread chaos and assassinations.



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