May 2021 Current Plans

So my schedule still remains pretty jam-packed, but I’m going to do the best I can to get the following done throughout the next few months: Droplet: States of Matter’s patches from now on are going to be in much smaller chunks than before. Basically, I’m just going to update one level at a time… Continue reading May 2021 Current Plans

Site revamp coming soon!

Pardon the dust! I’m in the process of working on a new look for the website! Until it’s complete, I changed the theme to plain look as the previous one had some issues. Most of the site’s content and games should still be active to keep you busy. Stay tuned!

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First album released!

Just released my first album! Check it out here:

Critical Error Bug Fix

I just fixed an issue with the site where the critical error notice was displaying. Turns out the cause was an outdated plugin. Please send me a message on Discord if you continue to experience more errors.

User database purge

The user database has just been purged of spam accounts. If you were legitimate user and your account got deleted, don’t worry. This site’s original social media functions are outdated, and I much rather you go to the Discord. A revamp of the site is still in the works.

Site content spring cleaning underway

After doing much research and learning of WordPress’s expanded editing capabilities, I decided to continue the WordPress format of the site. I’ll be updating the site’s expanded universe section as I go. Keep in mind that some pages may have their URLs changes or be removed entirely.