Upcoming Games

These are the projects that are currently being developed.

Game Description Author Size Distribution Release date
Droplet: States of Matter Available now on early access! The third installment of the Droplet series now with the power of Unreal Engine! Recover the stolen crystals from the clutches of the sinister duo Lord Krypton and Dr. Ruby Dium. A free demo is also available containing the introduction and first hub world. You can transfer your save progress to the full game. Krayfish Entertainment 475 MB Steam 3/16/21 (Early Access)
Dreamwalkers: Sleep Descent A 3D JRPG-style game where a young girl is mysteriously transported to the world of dreams. Demo available for download. Project is currently on hiatus. Krayfish Entertainment 1 GB Download 7/29/17 (Demo)

Big Games

These games can take up to 20 minutes to over an hour to complete 100%.  Being quite complex, these will take you on an epic adventure.

Game Description Author Size Distribution Release date
Age of Mechanis A demo of a role-playing game about the origins of a humanoid automatons known as the Steel Sisters. Krayfish Entertainment 94 MB HTML5 10/15/18
Chef Pierre's Cooking Craziness A puzzle sidescroller where you collect ingredients to gain special abilities Krayfish Entertainment 4.8 MB HTML5 12/24/14
Droplet 2: Fusion Power A 2D platform game.  Collect atoms to rebuild the weather machine to save the captured denizens of the Droplet world. Krayfish Entertainment 21 MB HTML5 8/1/13
Droplet and the Prototype Machine The prequel and original version of Droplet.  Find the lost pieces to the weather machine to save the people of the Droplet world. Krayfish Entertainment 23.4 MB HTML5 1/24/15
Elementals A nonlinear sidescroller featuring three playable characters with unique abilities.  Overthrow the evil Plutonium Overlord and save the universe of elements. Krayfish Entertainment 22 MB HTML5 11/29/14
Seedling An action RPG game. Venture across the land of Sero Silva and restore the land from darkness. Krayfish Entertainment 21 MB HTML5 12/23/13
Zackulback Adventures (2014) A sidescroller game where you play as a cat that must overcome the forces of the evil mouse Luggsina Krayfish Entertainment 4.6 MB HTML5 8/3/14

Fan Projects

These games/projects are based on other intellectual properties.

Game Description Author Size Distribution Release date
Mario and the Five Disciples of Bowser A ROM hack of Super Mario World currently in development Krayfish Entertainment N/A Lunar IPS Patch TBA
Super Mario Maker 2 Courses The courses I made for Super Mario Maker 2 Krayfish Entertainment N/A Nintendo Switch w/ Super Mario Maker 2 2019

Micro Games

Simple games that have a much smaller scope.  If you are just surfing the Internet looking for something quick and arcade-style to play, try one of these.

Game Description Author Size Distribution Release date
Droplet: Hackathon Edition A spin-off of Droplet made in under 24 hours Krayfish Entertainment 234 MB Download 2/6/20
Eraser A shoot-em up game against waves of reality-eating creatures Krayfish Entertainment 1.71 MB HTML5 3/17/14
Krayfish Math Test your math skills in this underwater-themed shoot 'em up game! Krayfish Entertainment 965 KB HTML5 12/16/15
Maze Hockey A hockey game featuring maze-like obstacles.  Play against a computer or another player. Krayfish Entertainment 2.5 MB HTML5 12/17/14
Porpoise Frenzy A short space shooter game where you aim to survive for as long as you can Krayfish Entertainment 2.5 MB HTML5 1/5/14
Porpoise A Civil War Porpoise A Civil War is a scrolling shooter game.  Defeat the evil Cyborgs in five different worlds to save the solar system! Krayfish Entertainment 10.5 MB HTML5 5/26/15
Regular Pong Just plain old pong.  That's all there is. Krayfish Entertainment 474 KB HTML5 8/1/15
Tower Defense Krayfish Version Defend your castle against endless waves of enemies using your turrets Krayfish Entertainment 2.5MB HTML5 11/29/15
Ultimate Quest Travel to the Castle of Ultimate Peril to slay the red dragon! Krayfish Entertainment 9.7 MB HTML5 4/12/16

Legacy Games

These were games that were created between the years 2005 and 2007.  While some of them were uploaded onto a now-defunct site during that time, I’ve since taken them and updated them to work with HTML5.  This is more or less a historical archive if you want to know what my earliest games looked like.

Game Description Author Size Distribution Release date
HedgeHockey HedgeHockey is a pong-type game created when I learned how to use Multimedia Fusion for the first time. Krayfish Entertainment 993 KB HTML5 3/19/15
FireWall Firewall is a game where you defend your computer from spam and viruses. Krayfish Entertainment 1.4 MB HTML5 3/19/15
Gweeky's Journey Through the Sky A short sidescroller.  Defeat the evil worm Manipulus to avenge Gweeky's parents. Krayfish Entertainment 6.9 MB HTML5 3/14/15
Laser Industries  A sidescroller where the goal is to save Laser Industries from the dazed Dr. Scroorup. Krayfish Entertainment 5.2 MB HTML5 1/3/15
Laser Industries 2: The Depths The followup to Laser Industries.  Collect the sixteen runestones to reunite with Dr. Scroorup after being stranded in the Depths Krayfish Entertainment 8.8 MB HTML5 1/27/15
Laser Industries 3: Gophertopia The third game in the Laser Industries series. Recover the nine power gems to save the universe from the clutches of the Queen of Gophertopia. Krayfish Entertainment 17.8 MB HTML5 9/19/15
Spam Zapper A short shoot-em-up game involving a spam destroying program Krayfish Entertainment 2.6 MB HTML5 1/31/15
Zackulback Adventures Classic Zackulback Adventures Classic is the original 2005 version of Zackulback Adventures.  Created at the same time as HedgeHockey this game was the first one I made all on my own Krayfish Entertainment 1.5 MB HTML5 3/19/15