Below are some commonly asked questions:


What software do you use to make games?

All the browser games on the site were made with Clickteam Fusion and its predecessor Multimedia Fusion with the help of the HTML5 export module. My newest projects are being created with Unreal Engine 4.

What is the process of creating a game?

While the smaller scale games such as Porpoise Frenzy or Eraser can be made in less than a week (and even less than a day), the larger games take weeks, months and even years. The best way to start off is to have a good concept in mind and try to find ways to use it in unique and fun ways.

How do you make the music?

FL Studio is my primary means of making music though I’ve also used ACID Music Studio. MuseScore is also a good alternative if you prefer to work with sheet music, but I personally don’t use it.

As an audio-oriented person, I usually create music during the planning phase of a game, even before any levels are done to try to get a feel for the atmosphere. As the game develops, I change the music as needed.

FL Studio comes with a large library of soundbanks. To supplement this, I also use free MIDI soundfonts as well as prerecorded samples from existing sound libraries such as that by Spectrasonics.

Where did you get the sound effects?

I get them from many different sources. Some of the software I own such as Clickteam Fusion and RPG Maker come bundled with a vast library of sound effects. Other times, I either obtain them for free from the public domain or I go out of my way to buy sound effect CDs.

How do you draw the graphics?

I use GIMP and the Clickteam Fusion object editor.  Generally, I prefer the cel-shaded animesque style mainly because it’s easiest to draw for a 2D game.  Exaggerated body proportions and bright, flashy colors are good at making a character stand out.

In the realm of 3D, I use Blender. I lean towards making simplistic N64-style graphics as they are the easiest to produce with the most passable look to them.


How did you learn how to make games?

Back in 2005, iD Tech Camps jumpstarted me by giving me the tools I need to get going.  From there, I messed around with the software until I reached the skill level I am today.  I’ve shared my knowledge with others teaching at summer camps.

As for Unreal Engine, I’ve learned it entirely on my own through constant combing of YouTube tutorials and the Q&A.  Even so, much of it I’ve largely figured out on my own using my the knowledge of game design from years of Multimedia Fusion.

How did you learn how to compose music?

I played the trumpet in middle and high school, and I also had a keyboard in my parents’ living room.  That’s how I learned what music was, but I never took any formal classes on music theory or composition. Most of what I learned was through experimenting with ACID Music Studio and FL Studio. I also listened to plenty of video game music to get a feel for what makes up a song.

What programming languages do you know?

I have experience with Unreal Engine Blueprints, Java, C++, C and ARM Assembly.