Below are some commonly asked questions.


What is Krayfish Entertainment?

Krayfish Entertainment LLC is an indie game studio run by me, Karl Ast. It is a hobbyist project that sees updates during my spare time. Krayfish Entertainment not only creates video games, but also music, stories and worldbuilding material.

I am the only employee of the company. I am the CEO, and I am the director of all Krayfish Entertainment products. I also have volunteers who help out in many ways such as playtesting and voice acting.

How did you learn how to make games?

Back in 2005, iD Tech Camps jumpstarted me by giving me the tools I need to get going.  From there, I messed around with the software until I reached the skill level I am today.  I’ve shared my knowledge with others teaching at summer camps.

Since then, I developed my skillset through reading up StackOverflow and watching YouTube videos. I also obtained a degree in Computer Science where I would eventually land a day job as a software engineer.

How did you learn how to compose music?

I played the trumpet in middle and high school, and I also had a keyboard in my parents’ living room.  That’s how I learned what music was, but I never took any formal classes on music theory or composition. Most of what I learned was through experimenting with ACID Music Studio and FL Studio. I also listened to plenty of video game music to get a feel for what makes up a song.

What programming languages do you know?

The languages I’m most comfortable with are Unreal Engine Blueprints, C++, C#, C and Java. I also know some Javascript, ARM Assembly and a few others. Many programming languages are very similar to one another so it’s a matter of putting them to use in coding projects.


What software do you use to make games?

All the browser games on the site were made with Clickteam Fusion and its predecessor Multimedia Fusion with the help of the HTML5 export module. My newest projects are being created with the Unreal Engine.

What is the process of creating a game?

While the smaller scale games such as Porpoise Frenzy or Eraser can be made in less than a week (and even less than a day), the larger games take weeks, months and even years. The best way to start off is to have a good concept in mind and try to find ways to use it in unique and fun ways.

How do you make the music?

FL Studio is my primary means of making music. In the past, I’ve also used ACID Music Studio and MuseScore.

As an audio-oriented person, I usually create music during the planning phase of a game, even before any levels are done to try to get a feel for the atmosphere. As the game develops, I change the music as needed.

To further customize the sound, I often use a variety of plugins. Sytrus and Omnisphere come with some good instruments, and I additionally use samples from Spectrasonics, Producer Planet and Splice. Lastly, other plugins like Kilohearts, Portal and Thermal work great for mastering effects.

Where did you get the sound effects?

I get them from many different sources – Sound Ideas and Audio Micro being among my favorites. Some of the software I own such as Clickteam Fusion and RPG Maker come bundled with a vast library of sound effects. Other times, I either obtain them for free from the public domain or I go out of my way to buy sound effect CDs. Splice and and Pro Sound Effects are other sources I use.

How do you draw the graphics?

I use GIMP and the Clickteam Fusion object editor.  Generally, I prefer the cel-shaded animesque style mainly because it’s easiest to draw for a 2D game.  Exaggerated body proportions and bright, flashy colors are good at making a character stand out.

In the realm of 3D, I use Blender. I lean towards making simplistic N64-style graphics as they are the easiest to produce with the most passable look to them.

I’m stuck on a game. Where can I get some help?

You can try the Steam forums, the Discord channel or directly messaging me.


How can I contact you?

There’s a variety of options from my social media to my e-mail. Check the Contact page for more information.

Can I collaborate with you on a project?

Maybe. It’s a case by case basis because I have a very busy schedule. For official press/business inquiries, you can use the e-mail on my contact page.

Can I stream/record footage of your games?

Yes! Go for it! It’ll also be helpful if you show me the link to your gameplay. I’d love to see how people play them.

Can I interview you?

Of course! While I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to do live interviews due to my busy schedule, I’m happy to provide written or pre-recorded answers from questions you supply.

Can I have a review key of one of your games?

If you are looking to review one of my commercial games as a content creator, the demo should provide a sufficient outlook of what to expect.

Can I use your game assets for my project?

Depends on what that project is. Your work needs to comply with fair use law as well as the terms of service. You may not distribute game assets unless you have direct permission. You may not distribute my games outside of the appropriate channels (the Krayfish Entertainment website and the official Steam store pages).

You can use things like my music for your videos and streams if it’s for educational, parody, review or commentary purposes. The main thing you would need permission for is if your project is an original work of fiction such as a film or video game.

If you are unsure of anything, please send me a message, and I can provide clarification.

Can I mod your games?

Yes! So long as the mods are distributed independently of the game itself.

Can I make a fan project/fan art?

Go for it! I’d love to see it! All I ask is that you make sure I’m credited. I’d also prefer that any fan projects remain non-commercial.

Do you need any help making your games?

Krayfish Entertainment doesn’t currently have any open positions. I have all the resources I need to cover development costs. But if you want to help me out, the best way you can do so is to spread the word on social media. Tell your friends and family about my games, write reviews, make videos, etc.


What exactly is the Krayverse?

The Krayverse is essentially a codex for the majority of my creative works since the turn of the millennium. Some material dates back to when I was just a child! I intend the Krayverse to be a historical archive of sorts, and for it to be something readers can get lost in following links around.

An article on the Krayverse seems incomplete or lacking in detail.

Don’t worry! The Krayverse is constantly evolving. Perhaps it will be updated in the future!

I found a broken link! Where should I report it?

Just send me a DM through any social media outlet, preferably in my Discord channel.

How do I register on the website?

Registration is disabled for the foreseeable future. If you want to contact me, please feel free to e-mail me or reach out to me through one of my socials.

What happened to the old Flash games?

They’ve all been converted to HTML5 and can still be found in the spot they were before on the Games page. The URLs may have changed a little bit.

The HTML5 versions were created to make sure my old games were still playable after Flash was shut down. The conversions may not be 100% one to one, but there may be a possibility of a future upgrade.


When will Droplet: States of Matter be out of early access?

I don’t have a concrete estimate as I’m developing the game entirely in my spare time. However, I will strive to push out an update at least once per month to ensure it remains in development at a consistent pace.

Do you have plans to release the Droplet: States of Matter soundtrack?

Yes! Once all the songs have been finalized, I’m planning to release the soundtrack. In the meantime, you can check out the Selected OST of Droplet: States of Matter which consists of selected beta versions of the game’s music. You can also check out my Soundcloud for unofficial releases.

What happened to Dreamwalkers: Sleep Descent?

It’s currently on hiatus while I spend more time developing the Dreamwalkers universe on the Krayverse. Additionally, I would like to make sure Droplet: States of Matter is out of early access so that the game can get the proper development resources it deserves.

Is Laser Industries 4 ever coming out?

Hard to say. While the game was started in 2006 right after the third game, a hard drive failure proved to be a setback. An attempt to make the game again in 2008 was made, but I decided to instead focus on Chef Pierre’s Cooking Craziness as well as the subsequent games that were entered into the Technology Student Association competitions. Maybe someday it may finally come out. I still have the original design doc for the game as well as concept art.

Do you plan to release any other legacy games?

Maybe someday. There are plenty of unreleased games that I still have but for one reason or another, I’m choosing not to release them just yet.

What happened to the Omniverse Nexus?

The Omniverse Nexus was shut down after it was decided it was best to split off the stories into their own projects. Content from the Dreamwalkers and Heroic Ages settings found their way into Krayfish Entertainment being reimagined with new continuities. Galactic Crucibles and Erudite Tales got their own websites.