Dreamwalkers takes place in a version of Earth where humans have the capability to dream other beings into existence as well as the ability to visit those dreams either physically or through astral projection.

Dreamwalkers shares its universe with Sagamaya, a short story series by Chromographia.




Long ago, an ancient tribe of sorcerers known as the Zula drank from the blue sap of the World Tree which gave them the ability to bring their mythologies and stories to life. With this ability to dream also came the ability to create their own beings from the smallest spirit to the most powerful of gods. Over thousands of years, the stories of the Zula tribe and their creations would change over time – changing their creations’ appearance with it.

Emerging from these stories came the legend of the Fire Heist Crew – a group of wily spirits who stole the blue sap of the World Tree then set it alight to create sacred flames of knowledge. In doing so, they shared the Zula’s magicks with the rest of humanity, thus giving everyone the ability to dream. However in doing so, they had unwittingly started a war between the Zula as well as another tribe of warlocks that based itself on the worship of hatred and negativity: the Goar. When the war threatened to destroy the world, the Great Spirit exiled both of them from Earth to live in the dream worlds. The Goar – banished for their crimes, and the Zula – banished so as to keep their gifts out of the wrong hands.
As ages passed, the stories of the Zula faded into myth. Only a few small groups from around the world kept their dreamwalking traditions alive. That would change in the mid 20th century. During World War II, the secrets of dreamwalking came to public knowledge after a Zula descended tribe known as the Ahona brought to light their ancient techniques. They were recognized for their heroism after protecting U.S. Marines in Okinawa from mind-based attacks by a hostile Japanese dreamwalking group known as the Yumekage. In the years that followed, the United States worked with the Ahona to uncover the secrets of the Zula tribe and the forgotten art of traversing the dream worlds.

Ancient Zula tombs discovered in North America lead to the discovery of the same blue sap that originated from the World Tree. Lead by Dr. Xavier Martines, the creation of the dream world Mobius came to fruition during the Cold War. However, Mobius soon became the battleground of a war between gods leading to the disastrous end of the project including the death of Dr. Martines’s wife and the loss of custody of one of his children, Maria Martines.

Ten years later, unrest spreads in the dream worlds as the gods continue wage war after the Mobius Incident. Their battles cause a phenomenon known as the Rupture to appear which threatens to engulf Earth in a thousand years of darkness. Maria, now caught in between this conflict, must venture to the dream worlds with the help of her spirit friends. They set about to not only stop the Rupture but to rediscover the secrets of her father’s work.