Amie Garland

Amie Garland (art by ShibaDogWoof)

Amie Garland is a schoolgirl who became stranded in the world of dreams after mysteriously losing her memories. She is on a quest to rediscover her origins.

Her only potential lead was the sight of a mysterious scarecrow-like boy named Magne. Thankfully, a friendly dreamwalker named Bella Ore encountered her by fate and helped show her the way.

Amie started off knowing nothing about magic, but under the training of Bella’s grandmother Gabriela Ore, Amie’s skills as a dreamwalker advanced to new heights. Amie has a strong connection with the Realm of Light, and it seems that her soul contains the essence of an entity that can travel across time and the dimensions. Unbeknownst to her, this drew the attention of a sinister god-like entity known as Henkle who seems to have taken a great interest in her skills.


Amie Garland has red, short hair in a bob cut parted towards the middle usually wearing a gold feather on her head. Her normal attire consists of a pink shirt with white short sleeves along with a red skirt with a single horizontal yellow stripe.


Amie is very gentle and kind. She always makes an effort to be empathetic and understanding even going out of her way to see good in her worst enemies. With her memories initially erased, she lacks preconceived notions towards almost anything. While this does make her naïve at times and especially prone to danger, her good friend Bella looks out for her as she explores the world of dreams.

Amie Garland fancies herself a writer. She enjoys making up stories about fantasy lands – a trait that has aided her in discovering how to use magic through imagination.



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