Realm of Darkness

The Realm of Darkness is one of the spheres of existence of the Sol Cluster. It contrasts the Realm of Light which is considered the visible, normal universe and satellite dream worlds. From the outside, the Realm of Darkness often appears as a swirling void of nothingness, but one will witness many unpleasant things upon immersing themselves inside. While the Realm of Light evokes a sense of wonder and beauty upon gazing at it, the Realm of Darkness evokes a sense of foreboding dread. In many respects, the Realm of Darkness is also a parallel universe of its own. When the First Rupture engulfed Earth during the Zula-Goar War, a dark afterimage of Earth was created that embodies all the negative aspects of humanity. This afterimage spilled back into the Realm of Light when the Second Rupture in 1999 engulfed Earth once more.

Even though the Realm of Darkness is mostly unseen, often what occurs in the Realm of Light also occurs in the Realm of Darkness resulting in two parallel Earths, one normal and the other a twisted otherworldly reflection. The dream worlds themselves do not always have counterparts but they may intersect with or diverge from the Realm of Darkness. The Realm of Darkness is constantly shaped by the misfortunes and insecurities of those in the Realm of Light. The terrors of it are often personalized to those who dare venture into it, and they increase in intensity and severity the longer one stays in it.

The Realm of Darkness is also filled with dark, alter ego versions of humans from the Realm of Light. These doppelgangers are often exaggerated, extreme versions with amplified emotions often tailored to how others perceive them. These alter egos will superficially appear as normal humans in the Realm of Darkness, but they can project themselves in the Realm of Light. These projections retain the same shape and clothing as their counterpart except they are completely shadowy with either glowing eyes that reflect their mood. These doppelgangers are often classified as a type of dark spirit that spawn from someone who has been exposed to the Realm of Darkness.

However, through a technique known as nightmarewalking, one can pass through the Realm of Darkness by creating a dark corridor. This allows one to take a shortcut to go virtually anywhere in the Realm of Light. However, even the brief few moments someone spends passing through is dangerous without mental training. Despite this, travelling through a dark corridor can allow someone to reach otherwise inaccessible locations virtually anywhere within the Sol Cluster.

Because of how superficial and reflective the Realm of Darkness is, it is not believed that any true sapient native life can be found within it. The dark spirits that originate directly in the Realm of Darkness are said to be completely mindless and instinctive. To further correlate this, all known intelligent dark spirits have had exposure to the Realm of Light leading some to believe the key to human consciousness is the careful balance between light and darkness.



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