The Bogeyman is one of the most common types of monsters in the Sol Cluster. These horrific creatures often prey on children specifically those that have had exposure to the Realm of Darkness. This exposure mainly includes becoming associated with negative emotions or misbehavior. The earliest recorded sighting of a Bogeyman isn’t known but have had sightings across the entire world.


Bogeyman enter the Realm of Light at night from under a bed or out from a closet emerging out of a dark corridor. Bogeyman often prefer to store and prepare their food meaning that they do not always consume their prey on the spot. More often than not, they will abduct their prey and keep them in holding cells in the Realm of Darkness until they are ready to be prepared and served. Bogeyman derive their sustenance primarily from their victim’s childhood fears. This means that a Bogeyman will hold a victim, further exposing them to the Realm of Darkness in order to maximize their possible fear. Consumption of the flesh and bones is optional, but Bogeyman will often do it anyway as a means of generating more fear among its prisoners.

Not all Bogeyman have a uniform appearance as they tend to take on the traits of what children are most afraid of. Some of the most common traits include being tall with large, round builds and gaping maws filled with rows of teeth. They usually have two long arms with gangly thin fingers which they use to snatch their prey. Their movements are often described as snake or worm-like, and they have a habit of making deep, sinister, boisterous laughs to taunt their victims.

Bogeyman are very robust and tough, but despite this can be taken down fairly easily once one knows how to deal with them. Despite their cunning, Bogeyman are slow to act as they prefer their actions to be calculated and deliberated. A quick, surprise poke in the abdomen or some other silly, childish behavior will throw it off guard and interrupt its train of thought. While its distracted, other types of magic can be used on it to take it down. Bogeyman have an inherit weakness to light magic as the very idea of positivity and happiness is counter to its physical existence.

During the Second Rupture, Leopoldo Martines took his granddaughter Maria through a dream path to escape from a monster that invaded their house. Their destination was the Museum of Dreamwalking, but at the very end of the dream path, Leo and Maria encountered a Bogeyman and successfully defeated it. Despite the danger, Maria’s encounter with the Bogeyman served as a means of testing her dreamwalking abilities in order to make sure she was ready for the challenges to come.



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