Dwarves are beings native to the realm of Nidavellir, one of the Nine Realms of Norse mythology. Despite their name, dwarves are large, stocky beings taller than most humans.


It is thought in the ancient era of the Zula, the dwarves were dreamed up as magical craftsmen to create and build their ancient technology. As such, the dwarves have knowledge on how to use blue sap as an energy source – incorporating it into machinery and tools. It is thought that after the Great Spirit banished the Zula and Goar from Earth, he ordered the dwarves to fortify the walls around Eden making it impossible to enter for thousands of years. The first human to reenter Eden was Xavier Martines who interrogated Prometheus during the 1990s on how to break past the defenses using a dark corridor.

The dwarves took on their modern, most well-known appearance around the 13th century when tales of the Nine Realms began to circulate among humans. The current king of the dwarves is Eitri who has a brother named Brokkr who manages a great forge designed to mix together molten metal and blue sap.

In the early 1980s, SomniLabs had communicated with Eitri to learn how blue sap technology worked. The dwarves did not immediately give away all their secrets as they knew that humanity could risk breaking into Eden again. Thus, it was considered a significant diplomatic effort to obtain clues as it nearly provoked involvement of the Aesir. It is thought that this instance was among the earliest conflicts that could be tied directly to the War Between Gods.

In 1999, the dwarves forged numerous weapons to combat the hostile gods that invaded Norway. Following this, dwarven technology made its way to Earth and became an intense subject of scientific study in the years that followed.



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