Mobius is a dream world in the Sol Cluster that was created during the 1980s as an experiment by SomniLabs. Its principle designers were Xavier Martines and his wife Jesusita Martines.


Mobius was designed from the start to be a world that could challenge the limits of real world physics. Thus, it was built in the shape of a mobius strip, a concept which the world was named after. The land looped around like a ring but with a twist in the middle. It was covered in greenery and forests dotted with many optical illusions. These optical illusions were created as a means of testing how well the dream world could handle phenomenon that was otherwise considered impossible in the real world. There were recreations of various Earth landmarks from all over the world which can be twisted and bent in anomalous ways.

Mobius was not only an experiment to create dream worlds, but also a training ground for Maria and Elvira Martines, the two daughters of Xavier and Elvira. In Mobius, the two of them developed their powers. Because Elvira showed faster development, Xavier began to concentrate on training her instead of Maria much to the objection of Jesusita.

Before these concerns could be resolved, a group of gods from different warring factions appeared and used Mobius as a battleground. The world was torn to pieces and Jesusita Martines was killed in the crossfire. The mobius strip shape was fractured and the world slipped into the Realm of Darkness.

The shattered remnants of Mobius still exist although they are crawling with dark spirits. It was also the world that was closest to the Second Rupture. After the destruction of Mobius, Xavier built a structure known as the Temple of Golgotha. At its center was an altar designed to commune with Antithesis. Xavier had hoped to negotiate with Antithesis, believing that humanity could be spared if the other warring gods were to be sacrificed.



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