Leopoldo Martines

Leopoldo Martines (nickname Leo) is a dreamwalker that helped to stop Antithesis in 1999. He is the guardian of his granddaughter Maria Martines even in her adulthood. He serves to assist her in adapting to her nonverbal autism.


As a human, Leo had dark skin, white hair, blue eyes and a tall, slim build. Leo reincarnated as a cat after being mortally wounded by a dark spirit. In this form, he has brown shaggy fur, a white beard and blue eyes.


Leo is courageous and willing to stand up for others although he is very stubborn and highly cautious. He is unafraid to voice what is on his mind and his little tolerance for tomfoolery. Despite this, he shares his granddaughter’s goofy, bumbling sense of humor often using it as a means to help Maria feel comfortable in environments that she would otherwise find unnerving.


World War II

Leo served as one of the Phoenix Psionics during World War II. Chosen to serve by the US military, he traveled to Japan to fight against the Yumekage, an organization responsible for attacking US Marines in Okinawa with mind-based weapons as well as controlled dark spirits. During his time over there, he was taken as a prisoner of war. As a means of interrogation, he was sent into the Realm of Darkness to be tortured by many different types of monsters. He was thought to be dead for a long time as he did not return immediately after the war had ended. Despite the Empire of Japan having already surrendered, the Yumekage intended to continue their secret war against the Ahona Guardians.

Trial of 100

Eventually, he was rescued by a Yumekage that defected named Kyoko Fujiwara who had sympathized with him. Both had agreed that the war should come to an end through the balance of light and dark. Hiding out on a remote island in the Dragon’s Triangle, they had a child whom they named Jesusita. When the Ahona and the Yumekage discovered what they had been up to, both sides were outraged for affiliating with the enemy. Leo and Kyoko however stood by their decision. The leader of the Yumekage known as Hanzo Kusanagi challenged Leo to the Trial of 100. Leo would have to defeat 100 opponents one right after another with the final opponent being Hanzo himself. Leo succeeded. A formal wedding was held on Yumekage Island to celebrate Leo’s and Kyoko’s triumph. With attendees including Ahona, Yumekage, and spirits, a constant tension was in the air on the verge of a bloodbath that just barely did not happen.


Nine years after the end of World War II, a giant mysterious automaton rose from beneath the waves and attacked Japan. This being was known as Jira, a Nephilim and an ancient protector of the lost Zulan city of Kageshi. It was thought that Jira was disturbed by the amount of dark spirits that arose after the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Jira was devastating. The US had sent over trained specialists such as Kilroy M. Roberts to deal with the being while both the Ahona and Yumekage collaborated to fight directly against it. Unfortunately, Kyoko was a casualty in the conflict, losing her human form and reincarnating as a shinigami. To continue raising their family, Leo chose to return to America with Jesusita.

Return to America

Leo chose to raise Jesusita near the home of the Ahona in Tucson, Arizona. Jesusita having grown up fascinated with her father’s story abroad decided to pursue a career to study dreamwalking scientifically. Though Leo cautioned against the dangers, Jesusita had justified herself saying she wanted to understand what exactly Jira and other spirits were.

Becoming a grandfather

Jesusita would eventually meet her fiance Xavier. Despite not having descended from any dreamwalking group, Xavier had a passion to understand dreamwalking scientifically and sought to find a way to make dreamwalking more accessible to more people. And thus, when the two married, Xavier took Jesusita’s last name having finally felt accepted as part of the Ahona clan. Leo remained wary of Xavier as he was an outsider, but nonetheless welcomed him for making his daughter happy. Jesusita and Xavier would have two children: Elvira Martines and Maria Martines, the latter of which had nonverbal autism. Xavier had ambitions to raise a family of powerful of dreamwalkers which Leo was particularly cautious about.

Although both Elvira and Maria displayed exceptional intelligence, Xavier began to show favoritism towards Elvira as her communication skills were developing much faster – an action that Jesusita and Leo did not approve of. Because of how busy both Xavier and Jesusita were, Leo spent a lot of time raising Maria while Xavier was taking Elvira directly under his wing, even going as far as to take her to work to run dreamwalking experiments. Despite this, Maria demonstrated a lot of potential on her own by constructing the dream world Toy Box.

SomniLabs Incident

While Maria and Elvira were both still young, a group of gods clashed on SomniLabs’ dream world Mobius. This resulted in that world’s destruction as well as Jesusita Martines as a casualty. Xavier decided to go off grid with Elvira to continue their training. However, Leo was grief-stricken as he had not only lost his wife, but also his daughter. Fearing the same thing could happen to Maria, Leo decided to stop training her in dreamwalking so that she could live a normal life. Leo served as her guardian to assist her with communicating with others.

Appearance of the Rupture

In late 1999, a massive dark corridor known as the Second Rupture appeared in the sky when the War Between Gods escalated to dangerous levels. Leo defended Maria from a dark spirit, but was mortally wounded in the process. Shortly after, he reincarnated as a cat so that he could protect Maria from further harm. At this point, Maria was desperate for answers. Believing that Xavier and Elvira would know something about the Rupture, Leo had no choice but to train Maria in dreamwalking.


Leo is an exceptionally powerful dreamwalker. He has power over various forms of elemental magic and posseses expert levels of hand to hand combat from his time serving the military. Over the years, he acquired a vast wealth of knowledge on various types of monsters and can keenly identify their weakpoints as well as optimal strategies to defeat them.



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