Griefeaters are tall thin, doll-like beings attracted to someone’s grief or sadness. It appears alongside a misty white fog and its victim can hear what sounds like white noise static and incoherent muttering. And when it catches its victim, it screeches at them and then attempts to drag them into the Realm of Darkness where it can feast off their emotions until they are milked dry of them to become a soulless husk.


In place of eyes, Griefeaters, bear the symbol of the Ahona tribe. A thousand years ago, the Ahona Tribe created them to serve as healing companions to cure someone of sad thoughts and to assist in the grieving process. However, when the Ahona Tribe turned its eye towards the conquest of other tribes, the Griefeaters were weaponized into servants of terror. They would not only devour someone’s grief, but all of their emotions – making them feel the pain of those emotions tenfold. When the Ahona ceased their conquests after realizing they went too far, they banished all the Griefeaters to the Realm of Darkness. Since then, it became strictly forbidden to use the powers of darkness.

However, even though the Griefeaters were banished from the Realm of Light, they still dwell the darkest regions of the Sol Cluster, wandering aimlessly among the nightmare worlds seeking out those who need to be “cured”.



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