Kakashi is a spirit that originated as a mindless dark spirit. He was the subject of research by Dr. Karen Kleiner and an intern named Charlotte Beaumont. He was one of the earliest documented examples of a dark spirit capable of developing human emotions.


Kakashi has the appearance of a scarecrow kid – short with large feet and hands. He wears a straw pointed hat and wear’s farmer’s clothes that are dark blue in color.


Kakashi shows great admiration and respect towards SomniLabs. He is grateful to them for allowing him to help him come to life and become a person. However, he seeks to atone for all the spirits he slew in the past.


Kakashi began as an ordinary thrall controlled by the Yumekage. He was created to be an infiltrator that would appear as a scarecrow doll that would ambush enemies. During his time as a dark spirit, he was responsible for slaying at least several spirits sent by the Ahona during the Battle of the Dragon’s Triangle. He was originally thought to have been killed by Leopoldo Martines, but Kakashi instead got stranded on an uncharted island where he remained in hibernation.

He would later be discovered by SomniLabs in the 1990s by Dr. Karen Kleiner and Charlotte Beaumont who were traveling abroad to research ways to stop the Second Rupture. They discovered Kakashi trapped on the remote island and they captured him for study. Kakashi in his isolation and begun to develop human emotions and the two scientists helped him try to develop and learn how to control them.


Kakashi has the ability to mimic other spirits. He can reflect them back or learn skills permanently by observing and copying his opponent’s abilities.



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