Zion is an ancient Zulan city located in its own dream world. It was constructed by a sect of Zulans known as the Anakim. The Anakim were founded by a Zula named Anak who acquired his extraordinary abilities from being born of the Nephilim named Arba – the tallest ever constructed at just shy of 4500 feet tall. The only proof of Zion that remains on Earth is an inactive portal structure located inside Al-Khazneh. This portal structure was said to house a stable dream corridor that lead to Zion. Zion is the second largest Zulan city after Duat whose portal is located in Egypt beneath the pyramids of Giza.


Zion is described as the Holy City of total peace and prosperity. Golden roads and vibrant architecture are key to its foundations along with endless, bountiful supplies of food and water. The sky is a permanent sunrise, the sun emitting a radiance described as being in the direct presence of the Great Spirit. Zion became a place of meditation and enlightenment. While Duat was responsible for most of the Zula’s technological advancements, Zion saw many of its cultural ones. In a way, both cities were rivals to one another.

Zion was the first city to fall during the Zula-Goar War. The attack began shortly after a Goar ambassador attempting diplomacy was rejected entry into Zion. As Zion was considered a holy city, no one touched by the Realm of Darkness was allowed to enter. Given that the Goar were products of Zula becoming transformed by darkness, by nature they were not allowed even if they had good intentions. The Goar, viewing this transgression as highly arrogant, decided to teach the Zula a lesson by corrupting Arba with darkness. Thus, Arba in a blind fury attacked and decimated Zion. Some of the Anakim who lost their homes chose to side with the corrupted Arba supposedly to not fight their father, but others viewed them as cowards for betraying the light to side with darkness.

As the conflict escalated around the world, the Great Spirit sent forth the Great Flood to seal Arba at the bottom of the Dead Sea. The Anakim, ashamed that they were responsible for the resulting destruction, left Earth. However, there were humans that still identified themselves as part of the Anakim. Thus, they continued their legacy, inhabiting the land of Canaan and guarding the broken entrance to Zion. Thousands of years later in the 1st century AD, the temple of Al-Khazneh would be built over it to protect it further.

By the early 1900s, the portal structure was rediscovered along with the first documented evidence of blue sap. The mysterious material was discovered in small traces along the edge of the portal frame’s inside. This sparked interest among archaeologists across the globe. Nazi Germany was one of the interested parties seeking to reopen the portal to Zion and claim the forgotten city for themselves.



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