Dream corridor

Dream corridors manifest themselves as openings in space-time through one of the two spheres of existence. In the scientific community, they are often compared to Einstein-Rosen bridges. There are two main types of corridors – corridors of light and corridors of darkness. Corridors connect different worlds together, and they are the fundamental form of travel between Earth and the dream worlds. Corridors can even connect different points in the physical realm although this is much harder to do.

A corridor of light which utilizes the Realm of Light to connect to other dream worlds while a corridor of darkness (also known as dark corridors) will instead travel through the Realm of Darkness. Light corridors will show a hazy image not unlike a watercolor image that shows the destination. They are often able to be preserved permanently in the form of paintings and murals, but an experienced dreamwalker can open a corridor on the fly. Thinner corridors can be entered via astral projection, but thicker, brighter ones can be entered physically. However, dark corridors do not show the destination and instead appear as black and purple voids. Despite this, they can be permanently maintained as stable portals to other worlds just as much as a light corridor can. Opening a dream corridor of either type requires focusing on the specific emotions associated with the destination dream world. As such, while opening a light corridor is considered a profound, enjoyable experience, opening a dark corridor is considered an incredibly stressful and dangerous one.

While there are no physical effects of being in proximity to a dream corridor, a person will feel a number of varied sensations depending on the nature of the corridor. Being near a corridor of light will radiate a sense of serenity, clarity and peace. Dark corridors radiate a sense of dread and despair. The greater presence of either realm, the more potent effects they have among which include boosted dreamwalking abilities. Because these corridor invoke specific emotions, certain types of spirits are drawn to corridor. A notable example of this occurring was the presence of the enormous dark corridor known as the Second Rupture. Across the entire Earth, dark spirits began spawning and wreaking havoc as the world population felt the collective dread of being in close proximity to the Second Rupture.

Sometimes, a corridor can overlap and engulf the physical world. Both variants have been observed doing so. It is thought that the first of the Zula discovered the blue sap when they entered a hidden grove touched by the Realm of Light. On a far more drastic scale, when the Second Rupture engulfed Earth, it covered the entire planet in total darkness. There was no sun, stars or sky and all color vanished followed by an endless sensation of hopelessness for all. The Rupture subsided after being countered by the Realm of Light after Antithesis was defeated. The great presence of the Realm of Light across the whole world boosted the dreamwalking abilities of the world population and also eased the recovery of the exposure to the Realm of Darkness. Most people do not recall their experiences inside the Rupture although they still maintain faint memories of what happened just before.



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