The Awakened are an extremist international anti-dreamwalking group based in North America but with a presence across the entire world. Rising to prominence after the Second Rupture in 1999, they reject all things related to dreamwalking. They started off as a more benign political organization that expressed concerns on the dangers of spirits appearing due to human imagination and creativity. However, the Awakened’s hostile activities throughout the years has resulted in them being designated as a domestic terrorist group by United States and Canada. Due to the elusiveness of the Awakened’s leadership, SomniCorps has remained the primary means of combating them.


The name of “Awakened” comes from their mission to “wake up” from the dream worlds and go back to reality. They dismiss the existence of spirits and other supernatural phenomena as mass hallucinations and reject the divinity of the gods. They’ve made it their mission to suppress knowledge of dreamwalking and to dogmatically teach that anything that results in the creation of dream worlds is dangerous to one’s mental health. The Awakened singled out Maria Martines in particular. At the time, she made international news for her confrontation against Antithesis, but the Awakened framed her as a mentally delusional person who made up her story on saving the world to garner press attention.

The Awakened began their campaigns by infiltrating and taking over a small number of public schools. Because dream worlds could be spawned from creativity, the Awakened advocated the banning of various books, art and music programs. Not even science or math was safe as even their content was censored to suppress knowledge on the discoveries made by SomniLabs. Thus, the curriculum they created was to produce a generation that would reject dreamwalking entirely and thus, the spirits and all supernatural phenomena would disappear. A US court case challenged the Awakened’s activities, but the case was overuled when judges deemed that their actions were permissible due to the lack of peer review on dreamwalking.

As the Awakened secured a foothold in many different countries, they would soon begin going out of their way to kidnap, torture and assassinate supernatural beings. They justify themselves in their acts by rejecting the idea that spirits could have any sort of consciousness of their own believing that because they spawn from the human mind, they are just a dream and are therefore not real. Through technicalities and loopholes in the laws, they were able to get away with killing hundreds of spirits who were not yet recognized as sapient, independent persons by various nations.

It wasn’t until the creation of the Dreamwalking Thesis when the Awakened’s actions were finally determined to be considered criminal, human rights violations. Despite this, their presence remains strong in other countries. They are known to have been involved with a spirit trafficking operation in Japan in collaboration with Jenerikku Corp.

The leader of the Awakened is not currently known as they have remained well-hidden often delegating puppet representatives to act as faces for the organization. Some intelligence reports show evidence that the leader is utilizing the dark energy generated from their actions though this has yet to be confirmed.



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