Infinite Tournament

The Infinite Tournament is a multiversal battle royale created by Henkle Osborn. Participants are unwillingly (or rarely willingly) chosen across the multiverse to participate in a series of fights to the death. The selection process occurs randomly when a person is in one of several possible states: in a deep sleep and dreaming, in a comatose state, is on the verge of death, or is already dead. It is thought that an involuntary dreamwalk occurs when a person is chosen.

Participants are trapped in the tournament until they defeat the designated champion. Participants that die will always be resurrected meaning it may be possible to get stuck in the Infinite Tournament for months, years, decades and even centuries. Despite this, time runs differently within the Infinite Tournament and upon being returned home, a participant may not recall the events of the Infinite Tournament.

The Infinite Tournament has ran for eons garnering a following of gods across the multiverse.


  • Battles will have two or more combatants separated in two or more teams. The match is over when the entirety of the opposing team dies.
  • Those that die in the Infinite Tournament will always come back to life to try again in a different match.
  • Forfeiting is not allowed. Intervention in the match will occur if it begins to stall.
  • A participant is only allowed to return to their home universe if they defeat the designated champion.


Arenas in the Infinite Tournament are pocket universes created on the spot by Henkle. Sometimes, they are floating, rocky islands in a void, but on some occasions, they represent a location familiar to a participant.



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