Amberstones are a form of crystallized blue sap. That is, it is blue sap but in a solid form. Though derived from blue sap, they can take a variety of shapes, sizes and colors and have a variety of different effects.

Amberstones are usually imbued into various forms of jewelry usually worn as rings, necklaces, but generally, for them to function, they need to be carried on the person while a person establishes a link to them mentally. Amberstones are intended to supplement the innate magical abilities of a person.

Amberstones come with a variety of different effects from increasing physical strength to mental acuity. However, it is dangerous to carry them in large quantities. Thus, one has to train themselves in dreamwalking to prepare their soul for interacting with them. This can be done by opening one’s soul nodes which are similar to the concept of chakras. The more soul nodes that one opens, the more powerful abilities they’ll be able to use and the more amberstones a person is able to use actively.

Amberstones are very common throughout the Sol Cluster, but the most powerful of them are very rare. Amberstones are a commonly traded item that can be exchanged for shells.

It is possible to swallow Amberstones to experience a phase of amplified abilities, but it burns off after a time. Generally, consuming an Amberstone should only be done in tight situations – especially rare varieties of them. Consuming large amounts of Amberstones is dangerous as it has a chance of corrupting one’s soul into a dark form.



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