Tsuki Fujiwara

Tsuki Fujiwara

Tsuki Fujiwara is a cyber vigilante, dreamwalker and a founding member of SomniCorps, an independent organization dedicated to facing against supernatural threats to Earth. She is a cousin of Maria Martines, sharing the same grandmother: Kyoko Fujiwara. Tsuki also uses the alias “Yoru-chan” as a hacker name.

Tsuki played a major role in the creation of the Dreamwalking Thesis, a paper that scientifically explains how dreamwalking works. She worked with her two cousins Maria and Elvira – both of which were powerful dreamwalkers in their own right – as well as the gadgeteer Kilroy Roberts who had experience with dreamwalking-based technology.

Tsuki was completely unaware of her heritage as a dreamwalker growing up. Her mother disliked Kyoko for her involvement with the darker aspects of magic. However, Tsuki would later discover her abilities after a close call with some hostile spirits as well as getting help from a friendly spirit known as Shiro.

She is 5’2″ tall.


Tsuki has medium-length brown hair and dark brown eyes. When not in a standard business suit with a skirt, she tends to be very casual. She usually wears a tank top with pajamas and a sweater.

In her Yoru-chan form, she wears primarily a green, turquoise and blue form fitted suit using a primarily grid-like pattern with glowing lines. In this form, she has short green hair, and wears visor over her eyes.


Tsuki is laid back, often snarky and sarcastic. However, she gets very excited and hyperactive when faced with a good challenge. Due to a number of personal and financial circumstances, she is prone to rapid mood swings of rushed excitement and being down.

Tsuki tends to be very foul mouthed. When making remarks about a person or situation, she usually says the first thing on her mind even if it’s rude or inappropriate. At the very least, she has close friends that keep her in check.

Despite her shortcomings, Tsuki still maintains a strong sense of justice with a desire to seek out truth and knowledge. When hacking others, she follows a strict honor code of only targeting individuals whom she believes are corrupt or are exploiting regular people. She is deeply regretful of the times when she would pirate video games, and she wants to make things right.


Tsuki started off her first stable career as a salarywoman that worked for Jenerikku Corp, a large trading corporation headed in Tokyo. She barely made ends meet with her low salary, often living from paycheck to paycheck. On the side, she would sell pirated video games to make some extra money. Throughout the Internet, she went by the codename Yoru-chan.

Shortly after the Second Rupture event where spirits became more abundant throughout the world, many governments had suddenly instituted a policy to suppress knowledge relating to the supernatural as they had no idea how to deal with them. Needless to say, the consequences were severe. In Jenerikku, employees were missing work due to fear of being attacked by spirits on the streets, and the company had lost on several trade opportunities due to the economic disruption caused by the event. These events soon led her to losing her job entirely due to a combination of downsizing as well as Tsuki’s workplace behavior. Very quickly, she became a NEET and had to rely almost entirely on her hacking hobbies for any sort of finances.

One particular night, Tsuki ran into a hostile spirit in a dark alleyway. She fended it off as best she could before being ambushed by even more aggressive monsters. A nearby, friendlier spirit named Shiro intervened and helped her to awaken her powers as a dreamwalker. And with this, she found a way to be able to travel into the dream worlds – specifically, the ones directly tied to electronics and the Internet.

Thus, she set off on her own quest for knowledge to discover the origins of her bloodline, something that her mother had kept from her. However, with censorship and cover-ups of spirits becoming more common, Tsuki decided it was time to hack into various databases to discover more about the top secret operations of the Yumekage – a dreamwalking group that fought in a secret war against their rivals, the Ahona from the southwestern United States.

As Tsuki fine-tuned her abilities, one of her working ideas was that the supernatural was not so otherworldly after all. She began to theorize that the dream worlds were in fact made of elements that could be explained with science. As fate would have it, she eventually met someone who could help her, a gadgeteer named Kilroy Roberts. Kilroy’s grandfather experimented in the 1950s with magical technology powered by blue sap – a substance believed to be the source of all dreamwalking magic.

Tsuki and Kilroy would both team up to discover a sinister secret behind the company she used to work for. Jenerikku, as it turned out, was involved in a spirit trafficking scheme with a terrorist organization known as the Awakened. Spirits were bought and sold, sometimes being trapped on computer storage devices. It would be up to this duo to track down and defeat them.


Tsuki is a highly skilled programmer and a hacker. She was more or less self-taught and began her early days through pirating games through cracking them and selling them. She further developed her skills by hacking the bank accounts of political figures and other high ranking officials.

Tsuki’s specialty is dreamwalking into worlds created through the electrical impulses exchanged between electronics. Essentially, digital dream worlds. She achieves this through her bond with a spirit named Shiro. Navigating these digital worlds still requires the same knowledge in coding as she would in the regular world.

When in her Yoru-chan form, she can almost seamlessly slip in and out of the cyber world when near certain electronics. This gives her excellent stealth and mobility options.

Although she initially had to work for it, Tsuki developed athletic and combat skills thanks to subjecting herself to a rigorous training program straight from the dreamwalking Yumekage ninjas that her grandmother was affiliated with. As such, she can use her agility in combination with her magical powers.


Tsuki Fujiwara portrait. Art by Artwork by @milkyway_draws

Tsuki in the cyber worlds
Tsuki’s original Yoru-Chan outfit



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