Citadel of Eden

The Citadel of Eden is the first dream world to be created by humans. It houses the World Tree inside of it. The Citadel of Eden is an ancient, yet technologically advanced fortress filled with mechanisms powered by blue sap.

Gaining access

For thousands of years, the Citadel of Eden was sealed completely shut. Its front gate could only be opened from the inside. Thus, the only way one could enter was either through a dark corridor or through using the Horn of Bifrost, a one-time use artifact utilized by the Fire Heist Crew to break inside.


The Gate

The Gate when opened will create a rainbow bridge that will allow dreamwalkers to access it through traditional means. The angel Uriel guards the entrance.

The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth is a maze of technological mechanisms powered by blue sap. They are designed to keep out intruders, but are designed in a way that those who are worthy may be able to solve the puzzles. Ancient automatons patrol the halls to keep watch.

The Garden

The centermost area which houses the World Tree itself is a garden surrounded on all sides by the Labyrinth. The Garden is said to house every sort of plant species that has ever lived or will live on Earth. The World Tree appears here with a trunk and branches made out of astral energy, the blue sap visibly flowing throughout it like veins. The blue sap gathers itself in a small pool just at the base where a human that knows only eternal bliss can drink from to transform into a Zula. Any human that has ever had a single inkling of dark thoughts cannot transform into a Zula, but the blue sap can still be used to provide energy to various devices.


The first human dreamwalkers in Ethiopia discovered a mysterious pool filled with blue sap. When they drank of it, they transformed into the Zula and gained great power. And thus, they dreamt up the many gods and spirits that originate from the Sol Cluster. The first dream created was the Garden which at the time had no borders and was open to all who sought it out. Over time, the Zula gained great knowledge and eventually created many scientifically advanced constructs. Entire cities and strongholds sprung up as the Zula were unbound by their creativity. The many different gods also came into existence to govern these strongholds and to serve as overseers and guardians to humanity.

The knowledge and wisdom of the Zula grew unbounded, but that knowledge also included that of the Realm of Darkness. The Zula were utterly terrified of it because of its potential to corrupt others. It made them realize that their creations had the danger of being misused by other humans – especially those who had been exposed to darkness and sin. As a precautionary measure, the Zula constructed the Gate and Labyrinth sections to make sure the power of the World Tree would not fall into the wrong hands. But their major oversight was that it would only tempt those who coveted the power. And those that did believed the gods to be tyrannically withholding the potential of the rest of humanity. And thus, the Fire Heist Crew concocted a plan to steal blue sap from the World Tree and give everyone the ability to dreamwalk.

Despite the Fire Heist Crew’s success, there were major consequences. The humans with newfound dreamwalking abilities soon discovered the Realm of Darkness for themselves but were not ready for it. After being exposed to it, they attempted to transform themselves into Zula only to instead turn into Goar, corrupted twisted versions of the Zula that drew power from negative emotions such as hatred. The Goar lay waste to various Zula strongholds attempting to claim the World Tree’s powers for themselves. However, the Great Spirit intervened and banished the Goar from Earth. The Zula followed suit but this time with a self-exile. The Citadel of Eden remained closed off from humans for thousands of years.

In the 1970s, blue sap was discovered within ancient Zula tombs across the world. This lead some to hypothesize the existence of a source of blue sap. By the 1990s, Xavier Martines and his daughter Elvira Martines would rediscover the Citadel of Eden via dark corridor turning the long abandoned structure into their private research and training ground. They would study the secrets of the Zula to learn how to stand up against the gods that had taken the life of Jesusita Martines.



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