Laser Industries 3

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Laser Industries 3: Gophertopia is the third game in the Laser Industries series. Recover the nine power gems to save the universe from the clutches of the Queen of Gophertopia.


Default controls

  • Arrows – Move
  • A – Jump
  • S – Sword
  • D – Ice attack
  • F – Toggle run
  • Space – Pause
  • T – Talk to NPC


  • Game design and graphics by Karl Ast
  • Created with Multimedia Fusion 1.5, Converted to HTML5 with Fusion 2.5 Developer.

Copyright © 2006, 2015 Krayfish Entertainment

Development history

Laser Industries 3 is the third installment of the Laser Industries series. I was making these games one right after another at the time. It’s a long story why I decided to go with cute Gophers as the main villain, but the slapstick dark humor I came up with resonated with people for some reason.

Fun fact. The game was originally meant to be a lot longer, but I ran into what was probably my very first technical limitation. The audio was causing the game to get very large, and with Multimedia Fusion 1.5, I didn’t know of a way to compress the file size at the time. This meant that if I added any more levels, it would result in slower download speeds. Even though 30 MB is not much these days, it was an eternity to download in 2006. So, I had to drop a lot of the levels though a few of them did find their way into later game projects.

Nearly ten years later, I did in fact compress the audio and made the game playable in a browser. I actually expanded upon the original 2006 game with a save feature, a new hub area allowing you to revisit previous levels, new higher quality voice lines, and easier access to the game’s secret areas after you unlock them at least once.