Kilroy Roberts

Kilroy Roberts is a gadgeteer that constructs his own machines powered from blue sap, a substance that contains the essence of dreamwalking magic in its raw form. Kilroy is a founding member of SomniCorps, an independent organization dedicated to facing against supernatural threats to Earth. He is the grandson of Kilroy M. Roberts, a man who stayed in Japan during the aftermath of World War II to fight evil spirits. As such, he is Japanese but with American heritage.

Kilroy Roberts played a major role in the creation of the Dreamwalking Thesis, a paper that scientifically explains how dreamwalking works working with the cyber vigilante Tsuki Fujiwara as well as her cousins Maria and Elvira Martines.


Kilroy is tall with a slim build and has to wear glasses as he is near-sighted. He tends to wear semi-formal wear as his every day outfits, usually a white button down shirt with slacks.

His magitech suit made of metal with aquamarine coats of paint. His arms and legs have a grid-like pattern, and he has a chest plate with an emblem on it. He wears a tactical visor which helps him see information on spirit energy.


Always trying to make sure every small detail is correct, Kilroy wants to live up to his family legacy of building magical machines to help others in need. He has a deep fascination with the supernatural – specifically how it can be used in engineering projects that can help people. He is always trying to research and invent new contraptions using blue sap as an energy source.

However, Kilroy is a worrywart, getting easily flustered. He gets nervous talking to people he doesn’t know very well, especially girls. Despite this, when he gets in his creative zone, he can elegantly explain his latest creations without a single stutter.


Kilroy grew up in Japan after his grandfather, a US Marine, chose to stay behind in Japan after World War II to fight against the evil spirits that were appearing in the area as well as the Kaiju known as Jira. His grandfather’s deeds set a legacy for the Roberts family as a group of talented engineers and scientists.

Thus, Kilroy promised that he would live up to the legacy by researching all he could about spirits. However, very little was known as the time about them, and it was difficult to find information that wasn’t based purely on rumor and speculation.

When the Second Rupture event brought an influx of many spirits both good and evil, Kilroy saw firsthand of the true consequences of their presence in the world both good and bad. Kilroy saw this as an opportunity to follow in his family’s footsteps, and he sought to prove himself.


Kilroy is a gifted engineer and can craft all sorts of makeshift gadgets on the fly using only a handful of portable tools. He is a quick study, making note of the finest of details around him.

Kilroy’s specially designed suit is to aid in identifying spirit energy while the blue sap core on the chest pieces enables him enhanced agility, strength and speed. Kilroy designed the Yoru-chan suit worn by Tsuki Fujiwara which grants similar effects. Kilroy’s suit is designed for greater strength and absorbing more damage whereas Tsuki’s prioritizes mobility.



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