Theodore Burns

Staff Sergeant Theodore Burns was a soldier in the US Army. During his deployments to Afghanistan, his eight year old daughter Madison would always ask him to take her teddy bear with him as a good luck charm. Despite this, at home, Theodore had family troubles. After Theodore revealed to his wife that he was willingly going on deployments, she divorced him as if he was not spending enough time with his family. This was heartbreaking for Theodore, but nonetheless, he stayed in the army, still trying to support Madison in whichever way he could. During his time in service, Theodore had won numerous awards for his skills and knowledge in the battlefield. He became proficient in many different kinds of weapons, and he even went through drill sergeant school.

During one deployment, however, Theodore found himself in a firefight after his Humvee drove across an improvised explosive device (IED). One of his own soldiers, Private First Class (PFC) Harold Morton, was killed. Theodore managed to fight off the enemy, but he took a shot to the head which landed him in a coma.

Theodore was rushed to a MEDEVAC helicopter and was treated to prevent blood loss, but he could not be woken up from his coma. Eventually, he was pronounced dead due to brain damage. But just before he died, he had somehow transferred his soul to his daughter’s teddy bear. His body was shipped home and a funeral was held. But, in his new teddy bear body, Theodore was conscious and mobile.

Theodore wasn’t sure how to reveal to his wife that he was still alive. At first, he approached his daughter, playing it off as the girl’s imagination. When he met his wife again, it was a brief, heartfelt reunion, but ultimately, Theodore was rejected. This left him wandering the streets, homeless, and he quickly found himself resorting to alcohol and cigarettes. As he had no way of actually ingesting any of it, he became a teddy bear who simply smelled like cigar smoke and booze.

When SomniCorps discovered Theodore, he was given a new purpose. SomniCorps was unable to remove Theodore from the teddy bear due to the strong bond he formed with it, so they made do with his smaller size. He found himself taking the role of espionage, infiltrating the enemy. He was given a metal endoskeleton to provide him support and to give him the strength to carry an M9 pistol. He is also craft enough to be able to operate larger, ground-based weapons such as 50 caliber machine guns as well as sniper rifles.

Theodore longs for the day that he’ll be able to see his daughter in human form. But until then, he has chosen to continue his service albeit in a different form.



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