Martines Academy of Supernatural Phenomena

The Martines Academy of Supernatural Phenomena (MASP for short) is the first dedicated dreamwalking academy on Earth. It is located in Phoenix, Arizona.


Following the incident of the Rupture nearly destroying Earth, Maria Martines spent the next five years studying on her own the effects of the Rupture on Earth as well as continuing the research done by SomniLabs. She traveled abroad to consult multiple different dreamwalking groups. Her research eventually took her to Tokyo where she met her distant cousin Tsuki Fujiwara as well as Kilroy Roberts, the grandson of Kilroy M. Roberts – a scientist that created machines out of the mystical blue sap. Through a series of coordinated efforts, they established the Dreamwalking Thesis to explain dreamwalking scientifically to the wider world. This discovery lead to them obtaining a number of international government grants to establish an academy where scientists and students alike could continue where SomniLabs left off.

The academy was named not just after Maria specifically for her role in stopping Antithesis but the entire Martines family line honoring their actions to bring peace to the dreamwalking world throughout the ages.


  • SomniCorps recruitment – MASP has established a recruiting program for graduates who wish to pursue a military path. Those that follow this path can join SomniCorps.


Students of MASP are free to form their own clubs themed around specific facets of dreamwalking.

  • Culinary Club – The MASP Culinary Club consists of using magic alongside of cooking and baking. The world of Gastrolysium is a place where dreamwalkers can experiment with new recipes and spells.
  • Cyber Club – A club that was directly created by Tsuki Fujiwara. The MASP Cyber Club is dedicated to exploring the relationship between virtual reality and dreams. Students often take part in hacking and programming competitions.
  • Science Club – A club that was founded by Charlotte Beaumont. The MASP Science Club is all about conducting exotic experiments out in the field.

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