Realm of Light

The Realm of Light is one of the spheres of existence of the Sol Cluster. It contrasts the Realm of Darkness, the twisted otherworldly reflection of the normal universe. The Realm of Light represents the visible, normal universe and its satellite dream worlds. A person will feel a sense of wonder and peace when within it as evidenced by a calming, relaxing feeling inherent to observers of nature.


It is generally believed that the Realm of Light extends indefinitely though its true bounds are unknown. However, it is known that it extends at least as far as the observable universe. Inherent to its nature of representing what is seen, the Realm of Light covers everything in the physical universe that is visible to humans. Other solar systems and other clusters are inaccessible until a human somehow manages to open a pathway there. This can be done in a multitude of ways from travelling there physically, carving a dream path or using a corridor through the Realm of Darkness.

Travel through the Realm of Light in the normal universe is bound by the laws of physics. Humans have little more than sent probes across the solar system. Clear photographs of the destination can aid in forming corridors of light, but low resolution photographs only allow for astral projection.

To transport one physically through the Realm of Light via dreamwalking, one can pass through a type of dream portal known as a corridor. However, in order to create new paths or to repair inactive portals, one must construct a dream path by building a miniature world to house the gateways between the entrance and the destination. These dream paths are the roads that connect different dream worlds together. They have a relative distance asynchronous from the real world. This means that the length of the path depends on both the experience of the dreamwalker creating it as well as how different the start and destination are from each other. More experienced dreamwalkers can create shorter paths between the dream worlds.

The Realm of Light can also be used to create two points in the physical world. This allows for feats such as teleportation as well as light wormholes between two locations. However, unlike the dream worlds, the energy required to create a path between two points in the physical world scales up with distance. Typically, only exceptionally powerful dreamwalkers or gods can open stable light corridors between two points in the physical world. In contrast, the Realm of Darkness uses the same amount of energy regardless of distance.

Perhaps what makes dreamwalking in the Sol Cluster particularly dangerous is that the paths created through the Realm of Light can be used by anyone including dark spirits. While creating these paths brings more worlds together, it also allows the spread of hostile forces more easily. These paths are also trackable, meaning someone with sophisticated navigation skills can track down where one person has been based on the paths they used. Hence, the Realm of Light has acquired the trait of being the embodiment of what is seen, both good and ill.



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