Krystal Ravenhunter

Krystal Ravenhunter is from the mystical world of Marsudell, a land of dwarves, elves, wizards and dragons. She is a powerful elf that ascended to godhood. In spite of this, she is infamously known for causing the Paradox Barrier when she tried to destroy all incarnations of Henkle Osborn in the multiverse.


Krystal’s birth was foretold for thousands of years. A star would appear in the sky and the gods would anoint a child. This child was Krystal Ravenhunter who lived in a humble wood elf village as a skilled hunter with the bow and arrow. During one of her hunting trips, she came across a phoenix sent by the gods to inform her that she was a long lost princess.

Krystal was taken in to live in the Dragon King’s Palace where she was gifted many magical powers. Eventually she grew into a powerful warrior while being trained by the Dragon King himself.

However, the Dark Lord’s Empire invaded and destroyed Krystal’s home village killing her parents. Swearing vengeance, she fought through the Dark Lord’s army to confront him. After a climactic battle, she defeated him by sealing him in the underworld.

Krystal ruled as queen of Marsudell for the next one thousand years. However, the Dark Lord broke out of his prison and brought cataclysm to Marsudell. She defeated the Dark Lord again, and this time, he revealed his true name as Henkle Osborn. Henkle revealed that he existed in many other universes and could never be stopped. But with Marsudell decimated, Krystal sacrificed herself by transferring her soul and her powers to a parallel universe where the next Krystal Ravenhunter could defeat the Dark Lord again. In the process, she created a prophecy so that the denizens of the new Marsudell could prepare for her arrival.

The cycle repeated itself again. Krystal gained her powers and defeated the Dark Lord, but could not prevent the cataclysm that would destroy Marsudell. So the next Krystal took on the mantle and became stronger.

After more than a thousand cycles, Krystal had gotten even stronger. When she got her powers, it was very overwhelming and she lacked the discipline to control them. After learning of what happened to Marsudell in the other universes and that her efforts as the chosen one of the gods were all for nothing, she snapped. She made it her mission to destroy every incarnation of the Dark Lord in the multiverse. Rather than passing her soul on to the next Krystal Ravenhunter, she took it upon herself to directly intervene with the course of history in other versions of Marsudell, stopping other Krystal Ravenhunter’s home villages from being destroyed. Krystal Prime, the now very powerful elf goddess, grew even stronger.

Realizing that Henkle existed in other worlds besides Marsudell and its counterparts, she traveled to completely new worlds to right wrongs and to step in and save others from harm.

However, she could only go so far and she was eventually getting viewed in a negative light. Her heroic actions, to many, were considered an upstaging of whatever heroes were native to that world. On top of that, her interference with other worlds would cause multiple consequences such as heavily altered timelines for the worse.

The one fatal mistake Krystal Prime made was that she entered a universe where the laws of reality were rigidly in place to make sure Henkle could not defeated. Not wanting to be held back, Krystal Prime’s powers were so strong that she could break these physical laws, but the result was a paradox that set off a chain reaction that lead to the destruction of many other universes. A being known as Suntsitzeagal leaked out from these universes, consuming and destroying them so thoroughly that no being in the entire universe could recall their existence.

The chain reaction, however, was contained. Universes were constantly being destroyed, but were held at bay by other universes with properties that did not allow themselves to be destroyed by these effects. The resulting anomaly became known as the Paradox Barrier where the laws of reality became completely shattered due to paradoxical contradictions. While other versions of Krystal Ravenhunter were allowed to travel to other universes, Krystal Prime was sealed within the Paradox Barrier, unable to spread her influence any further. However, in her unrelenting quest to wipe Henkle Osborn from the multiverse, should she ever escape, she could cause a paradox so cataclysmic that – all universes across all realities could be wiped from existence forever.



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