These are the different worlds of the Periodic Table Universe.

Compound Kingdom


The Hydros system is a binary star system with a brown dwarf on the outer edges of the system. Hydros is the home star system of the Eich-Tuoans.


Eich-Tuo is the homeworld of a race of people made of water. It is a geographically diverse place with mountains, forests, lakes and oceans. They have a complex belief system, based around the different states of matter.

Eich-Tuo has also produced some of the greatest minds of the galaxy, including Professor Stratus – the creator of the revolutionary weather machine. Because of this, Eich-Tuo became host to the Galactic Science Expo where everyone from around the galaxy can demonstrate their latest technologies.


A gas giant with two large moons, one hot and one cold. Fireling lives here alongside other Fire Grunts.

Noble Gas Kingdom

The Noble Gas Kingdom, also known as the Noble Gas Provinces, are a group of seven star systems each ruled by a noble family.

2 Helios

A star system that features a pink gas giant with many moons. Many mystical creatures such as sprites, elves, gnomes and trolls live here.

Princess Cara Bonnie rules a small area in the clouds, but usually spends more time on social media than actually being a princess.

18 Aragonia

A star system filled with quiet villages as well as the famous Math Magic Castle ruled by the rather irritable troll King Troglo Nometry.

The two headed dragon Los Ninos has taken up residence in this system and has a taste for droplets.

10 Neo

A star system filled with many ancient kingdoms. Some believe it to be one of the oldest civilizations in the galaxy.

Sobek, God of the River Nile, has taken a liking to this area for its resemblance to the kingdoms he used to rule. However, Lord Krypton has tricked Sobek into believing that Droplet and Molly-QL are stealing the crystals.

54 Xenia

An oceanic world visited by Fossil Corp to conduct experiments on genetically bringing back dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. After they lost their funding, the creatures were left to roam free while pirates came by to plunder the old remnants of the forgotten colonies.

The infamous pirate Captain Salty Peter has laid claim to the area, proving that being the ruler of the seas can extend to more than one world.

86 Radonia

A heavily industrialized star system. The main habitable world 86 Radonia A is covered entirely skyscrapers. The planet’s global temperature is regulated via a large scale version of the weather machine created by Professor Stratus.

The moon 86 Radonia A1 is about one quarter the size of its parent planet. It has been stripped almost bare for its resources leaving it a barren desert although the planet’s ice caps still remain although they are slowly melting. Deep below the surface of the moon is a series of extensive underwater tunnels where many subterranean volcanos are along with thermal vents that gave rise to extremophile organisms.

Fossil Corp Headquarters is located here. Their chief export was fossil fuels, but the cleaner crystal power threatened to make their trade obsolete. Thus, Lord Krypton invested in them in an effort to reform them into a mercenary company.

The bounty hunter Sill E. Con was hired by Fossil Corp to take out Droplet and Molly-QL.

36 Kryptos

36 Kryptos is the home area to none other than Lord Krypton himself. It features many exotic locales such as the Macro Kitchen as well as historical sites like Wootz Towers and the Frozen Fortress.

Lord Krypton’s mansion is the landing point for travelers to this system.

118 Oganessia

118 Oganessia is a newly discovered star system. Although habitable areas are limited, the area has served as a testing ground for illegal and outright dangerous science experiments.

Alkali Kingdom

The Alkali Kingdom is where the alkali metals are from. It is a realm where civil war is very common. Dr. Ruby Dium hails from the Alkali Kingdom. Many people across the galaxy fear the alkali metals for their tendencies towards impulsiveness, but don’t say that to them directly.

Triel Kingdom

Not much is known about this area.

Tetrel Kingdom

6 Carbo


A world filled with gemstones. Plumbago is home to a rich noble family where the Diamond King rules. The Diamond King’s daughter is none other than Princess Cara Bonnie, a rebellious princess who has a huge crush on Droplet.

14 Silicis

The Silicis system is a star system known for its exports on computational materials.


Radiolaria is the homeworld of the bounty hunter Sill E. Con. Radiolaria is home to silicon-based life forms that resemble macroscopic protozoa. Giant mitochondria produce 90% of the planet’s energy.

Pnictogen Kingdom

Not much is known about this area.

Chalcogen Kingdom

16 Swelplos

Kino III

Kino III is an oceanic world covered in many tropical islands. It is the homeworld of Captain Salty Peter. Its plentiful deposits of sulfur and other materials lead to early civilization developing gunpowder. Kino III has since been taken over by pirates. For centuries, different pirate lords have ruled the seas.

Halogen Kingdom

Not much is known about this area.




Earth is a distant, mysterious planet seemingly abandoned by mysterious advanced extraterrestrials said to be made of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium and phosphorous. These Earth people are said to have spread throughout the galaxy, influencing the development of all the different civilizations. The Galactic Museum of Science hosts a variety of artifacts that have originated from Earth countless years ago.

A bizarre creature known as Sobek is said to have come from Earth.

Periodic Table Universe


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