Princess Cara Bonnie

Princess Cara Bonnie is the princess of the planet Plumbago. She is about 16 during Galactic Science Expo 1999.

Cara Bonnie comes from a wealthy noble family that grew powerful from Plumbago’s plentiful gemstones. Despite her wealth, Cara was never satisfied with her life as she lived under her strict father, the Diamond King of Plumbago. While her father plans to have a pre-arranged marriage, Cara has become a bit of a rebel by going on her own dates.

After being dragged along a business trip by her father to planet Eich-Tuo, she snuck away to watch a concert by Droplet and Molly-QL. There, Cara immediately developed a hard crush on Droplet with the intent of going out with him. Molly-QL intervened, believing that Cara was trying to take advantage of Droplet.

When the king of Plumbago refused to cooperate with Lord Krypton’s scheme of monopolizing all the crystals, Krypton instead turned to Cara and offered her an opportunity. Krypton promised Cara a date with Droplet if she were to capture him. Thus, Cara prepared by buying an old castle in the Helios system to use as a dating venue.

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