Sill E. Con

Sill E. Con is a bounty hunter that hails from the planet Radiolaria. He is small and stature and a far larger ego.

When he heard that Lord Krypton put a price on Droplet and Molly-QL, Sill E. Con couldn’t resist. Managing his way through the crime-ridden industrial slums of 86 Radonia, he proudly proclaimed that he was going to be the first one to catch the duo.

Being physically weak compared to most other mercenaries hired by Lord Krypton, Sill E. Con found himself relying heavily on machines to enhance his strength and abilities. He was often ridiculed for his small size, and on multiple occasions was nearly eaten by Radiolaria’s predators. Thus, he relied heavily on his knack for machinery to create contraptions for him to survive.

Above all things, Sill E. Con hates to lose. He will often cheat his way to victory in petulant, childish ways. For this reason, he bears a contempt towards the more honorable Captain Salty Peter.

Periodic Table Universe


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