Kalofrioh is a two-headed dragon that lives in the 18 Aragonia system. One of the heads breathes fires, and the other breathes ice. While the heads constantly bicker and quarrel amongst themselves on how to prepare their meals, one thing is clear. They are a force to be reckoned with, wielding the power to control the weather. They can turn their immediate surroundings to singeing heat, biting cold and even powerful thunderstorms.

Being at least tens of thousands of years old, Kalofrioh was both worshipped and feared by ancient Aragonian colonists as a god. Sacrifices were made to it in hopes that Kalofrioh would bring forth ideal weather to facilitate the growth of crops. After centuries of oppression, it is said that the first weather machine was created as a weapon to rise up and fight back against Kalofrioh’s terrible reign.

For whatever reason, Lord Krypton left Kalofrioh to guard one of the stolen crystals. It is said that Krypton offered it in exchange for agreeing to stand against Droplet and Molly-QL. Rumor has it that Krypton’s secondary intent was that once he secured control over the galaxy, he would use Kalofrioh as a means of emptying prison populations. But Kalofrioh all in all is a wild beast that answers to no one but itself.

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