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Droplet is the main protagonist of the game Droplet: States of Matter. He is one of the Watari Twins being about age 18 during Galactic Science Expo 1999. He keeps a pet quark named Barry.

Droplet is a DJ, a young prodigy that composes electronic dance music. He collaborates frequently with his sister Molly-QL who is a talented singer and video streamer.

Droplet is a stage name he uses during his live sets. His real name is Drew Paulton Watari.


Droplet is 5’7″ or 170 cm. He has blue skin, blue eyes and blue hair – a common trait among Eich-Tuoans.

His hairstyle is curved upward in the shape of a tear drop. As a big fan of Professor Humphry Heisenberg Otto, he styled his hair to match the appearance of his unique cone-shaped head.

His normal attire consists of a red hoodie with a white undershirt with the band logo. He wears blue pants that cut off just before the ankles as well as white tennis shoes with red soles. The outfit resembles Molly-QL’s which was intentional. Droplet created their outfits to resemble each other so that the two were recognizable as a duo.


Droplet loves science, and he is highly intelligent. He spends much of his time on the computer reading online articles to better his knowledge.

However, he is very shy around others and has very few words to say, preferring to keep to himself most of the time. He often spaces out and daydreams even in the middle of talking to others. Droplet comes out of his shell when he’s playing music. However, when given a task, he will put his mind to it to make sure it gets finished. When faced with conflict, he has a fierce determination to do what is right.

Droplet’s favorite food is the Aurum nuggets kids’ meal from the galactic sandwich shop Orgel’s. Although a teenager, he still eats like a small child. Very frequently, Molly-QL reminds him that he should be having multidecker burgers instead so that he builds up his strength.

He is a huge fan of Professor Humphry Heisenberg Otto. Droplet always looked up to him as a role model as Humphry was the one that saved Planet Eich-Tuo from Fireling. Wanting to pay homage to one of his favorite scientists, Droplet chose his stage name based on what Professor Humphry Heisenberg Otto used to go by as a nickname while under the tutelage of Professor Stratus.

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