Artwork by @milkyway_draws

Molly-QL is the secondary protagonist of Droplet: States of Matter. She is the twin sibling of Droplet being about 18 around the time of Galactic Science Expo 1999.

Molly-QL is a well-known pop musician and video streamer throughout the galaxy. She teams up with her brother to form the duo Droplet and Molly-QL. She provides the vocals in the hit single “Through the Water Cycle!”.

Molly-QL is a stage name, while her legal name is Molly Quinley Watari.


Molly-QL is 6’2″ or 187 cm. She has blue skin, blue eyes and blue hair – a common trait among Eich-Tuoans.

Her hairstyle consists of two braids styled in a chain of large spheres meant to represent chains of molecules and atoms. She wears a headset with a single antenna which serves as a microphone for whenever she streams.

Her normal attire consists of a red vest, a white undershirt with the band logo, detached red sleeves and a blue skirt. She wears tall white boots each with a distinctive red vertical stripe.


Always looking out for her brother, she is kind, outspoken and excitable. She loves planet Eich-Tuo and its citizens, always looking for a way to reach out and talk to others.

Molly-QL’s favorite food is a multidecker burger from the galactic chain sandwich shop Orgel’s.

Molly-QL sticks up for her brother, and she has little tolerance for anyone that means ill-will towards him.

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