Professor Humphry Heisenberg Otto

Professor Humphry Heisenberg Otto is a professor known for creating the Weather Machine Mark III. He studied under Professor Stratus, one of the greatest scientists in galactic history.

Professor Humphry is the protagonist of both Droplet and the Prototype Machine as well as Droplet 2: Fusion Power. Those games take place during Galactic Science Expo 1952 and Galactic Science Expo 1956 respectively – an era when he was much younger.

In the events leading up to Galactic Science Expo 1999, Professor Humphry worked with his fellow colleague Dr. Ruby Dium to create a new iteration of the weather machine. However, after believing Ruby Dium to be too reactive, the professor let her go from the project in spite of her already substantial contributions. Needless to say, Dr. Ruby Dium was not happy.

Professor Humphry is friendly, intelligent and charismatic though he can be absent-minded at times. In his older years, he modeled his look after his mentor, copying his hair style and signature mustache.

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