Fossil Corp

Fossil Corp is a galactic megacorporation known for his large scale strip mining and oil drilling operations. Their main headquarters are on the desert moon Polonius in the trinary star system 86 Radonia.


Once an uncontested financial powerhouse, Fossil Corp has seen decline due to the rise of a much cleaner source of energy derived from crystals. Struggling to compete and on the verge of becoming obsolete, Fossil Corp turned to shady dealings with the criminal underground as well as off the record transactions from none other than high ranking members of the Noble Gas Council.

The world which their headquarters are have been turned into an apocalyptic wasteland almost constantly covered in smog with very little, if any vegetation left.

Fossil Corp also operated in the 54 Xenia system, creating colony farms of genetically engineered prehistoric creatures such as dinosaurs and mammoths. Many of these farms were abandoned, and the prehistoric creatures escaped their enclosures to roam their planet freely.

Periodic Table Universe


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