Sobek is the self-proclaimed god of the river Nile. He appears as a giant crocodile that carries a staff and a mysterious relic known as an ankh.

No one is quite sure of whether he is some sort of advanced scientific creation or some other otherworldy force. However, he comes from the planet Earth, a distant world once inhabited by mysterious progenitors to galactic civilization. According to research by the Galactic Museum of Science, there are other gods like him that were known throughout Earth. However, Sobek has refused all requests for interviews as he is unwilling to divulge his knowledge of Earth’s past.

Sobek is very proud and bombastic. He has taken up residence on a planet in the 10 Neo system, a world with ancient ruins that bears remarkable resemblance to the kingdom he used to rule. Sobek declared it his new dominion as the original creators of the world were influenced by Earth.

Sobek is incredibly stubborn. As such, when Lord Krypton was attempting to claim all the crystals of 10 Neo, Sobek proved to be impossible to negotiate with. As Lord Krypton knew that an invasion of 10 Neo would be bad publicity, what he did instead was frame Droplet and Molly-QL for stealing all the crystals that belonged to Sobek. With that, Sobek would send his legions to go after the duo all while being unaware that he was tricked.

Despite Sobek’s stubbornness, he will pay deep respect to any great warrior that proves themselves honorably in battle.

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