Mad Hatter

Mad Hatters are the foremen of the Arctic Rig found on a moon in the 86 Radonia system. They tend to ignore safety protocols, and their long-term exposure to Arctic Rig’s toxic environment has made them a little crazy. As employees of Fossil Corp, they are on Lord Krypton’s payroll meaning they were hired to attack Droplet and Molly-QL on sight in order to stop them from gathering all the crystals.

Mad Hatters are made of mercury, a metal that is liquid in normal temperatures. This makes them very challenging to deal with. Cloud form cannot damage metal enemies and ice form cannot damage liquid enemies. As such, the way to go is with either water or plasma form.

Meanwhile, as you approach them, watch out for the mercury balls that they lob at you. These balls are magnetic and will home in on you. It is best to take cover where you can.

Periodic Table Universe


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