Captain Salty Peter

Captain Salty Peter is one of the most notorious pirates in the galaxy. He was hired by Lord Krypton to hunt down the crystals on the 54 Xenia system and to claim the bounty on Droplet and Molly-QL.

A native of the pirate haven of Kino III, Captain Salty Peter is the scourge of the seas. He is infamous for his use of gunpowder weapons to get his way.

Captain Salty Peter has many feats under his belt. Over the years, he has stolen countless artifacts from the Galactic Museum Science, and he is plundered ancient cities filled with lost treasures. He is wanted in multiple systems for kidnapping, arson and piracy.

As dastardly and infamous as he is, Salty Peter is an honorable pirate that follows a strict creed. His crewmates are fiercely loyal to him, and those that aren’t are sent to walk the plank. The one thing that Salty Peter has sworn that he will never steal is a video game.

Periodic Table Universe


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