Zahar is a populous city in the night side of Albacin III. It boasts some of the latest technology available to the planet, and it is considered an exotic resort city receiving most of its revenue from tourism. It is located approximately 230 miles west of Vanda.


Although Zahar is surrounded by vast sheets of ice, the city was built over a geothermal vent that created a series of hotsprings. As a result, the temperature is constantly 70° F year round.


The city consists of sprawling skyscrapers built over a large, hot spring lake formed by damming a meltwater river flowing from the day side wetlands. The Zahar Dam powers the entire city with electricity though to save on electricity costs, it is customary for households to plant glowing mushroom trees as a means of both decoration and lighting.

Points of interest

  • White Sand Beach – The White Sand Beach is at the coast of the Hot Spring Lake. Zahar fireflies swarm near the surface of the ocean creating natural light shows by flashing different colors.
  • Grand Fountain – The Grand Fountain is where many fountain shows are held. Water is shot at various heights while precise lighting changes its colors.
  • ZaharWorld – A theme park known for its wild rollercoasters and casinos.
  • Albacin Colosseum – The location on Albacin III where supers battle one another in non-lethal, gladiator tournaments. The arena is suspended over a large lake surrounded by meltwater falls.


Hedonism is central to Zahar culture due to the city’s advanced technology that provides many of its resources.


  • Ice grub – Ice grubs are one of the most exotic dishes in Zahar. A species of worm that burrows through ice, it is often described as spicy, rich and juicy in taste. Most like it cooked, while some prefer it raw or even alive.