Galvon Raminti

Galvon Derick Raminti is the son of Dr. Ashley Raminti and close friends with Savien Wesiford. Galvon’s intellectual abilities were known at an early age, but has an infamous disinterest in his classes. Galvon’s father, Ashley Raminti, was also a professor who taught quantum physics at the Vanda Institute of Technology while his mother, Valentina Raminti, was a doctor. Naturally, Galvon had access to much of his father’s work, and interestingly enough, spent more time reading it than he does studying for his regular classes.

Galvon is from Zahar. He was born on September 12, and he is 5’5″ and 118 lbs.


Galvon has red hair and dark skin. He often wears a grey hoodie with jeans.


Galvon is mostly laid back and relaxed. He often derives entertainment by pulling pranks with Savien. Much of the thought process and planning is done on Galvon’s part while Savien is responsible for the execution, taking full advantage of his teleportation skills.

Galvon is mostly into strategy games such as chess. He also enjoys building and tinkering with objects to discover how they work. However, he has little interest in academics, lacking the motivation to do the necessary work.



The Galvonator is a humanoid machine built by Galvon himself. Controlled remotely, the Galvonator is armed to the teeth with an assortment of weapons and many capabilities. Inside of it is a miniature fusion reactor which serves as its power source.

  • Anti-gravity – The Galvonator is capable of hovering above the ground and flying at Mach 1
  • Plasma stream – From a large cannon on the right arm, the Galvonator can fire a stream of plasma which melts its targets
  • Shrapnel rain – One of the Galvonator’s more deadlier moves, shrapnel rain is performed when the anti-gravity lifts small particles of metal in the environment. Then, the particles are scattered at speeds several times faster than a bullet. Although there is no limit to the ammo, parts of the Galvonator will overheat when used too often.
  • Antimatter rockets – Normally reserved for starships, the Galvonator is equipped with small scale antimatter rockets.


Though he is for the most part unmotivated, Galvon demonstrates exceptional, beyond-genius level intelligence. He has a knack mainly for hardware, mostly robotics. He also has a deep understanding of Archon physiology mainly from his father who had done experiments with Roh.