Brynia Malsworth

Brynia Malsworth is the younger sister of Riley Malsworth. She is a sorceress of Clan Malsworth from Exaria and slayer of the Toad Queen. She also joined the Hundred Moon Clan. Brynia excels in reconnaissance and undercover work as her specialty is manipulating her opponents without the use of brute force.

Brynia is 4’8″.


Brynia has purple eyes and long blonde hair. Often adorning herself with dark eyeliner, the girl’s common attire is black dress, purple and black striped socks with black boots, and a pointed brimmed hat. She also has a tattoo of a right crescent moon on her left shoulder which was branded in by the clan.


Brynia is sarcastic, nonchalant, yet upbeat. Most often, she acts very childishly and carelessly and for the most part is not even aware of the Hundred Moon Clan’s motives. Of all the clan members, Brynia has the least discipline, and she’s the most difficult to control. Brynia enjoys having fun with everything. In a battle, she considers the most interesting battles the best regardless of who wins or loses.


Brynia knows very little about hand-to-hand combat and prefers to stick with her magical abilities and tricks rather than relying on conventional weapons. She does not use brute force, preferring to take down her enemy slowly – sometimes enjoying the process.

Magic Umbrella

Brynia’s Umbrella is enchanted with magic allowing for it to have physics defying phenomena. She can use the umbrella to not only help her cast spells, but also fly around. It allows her to breach walls and even avoid the lines of fire from anti-aircraft guns.

Poison dust

Brynia carries a bag of powder that when inhales will cause fatal internal poisoning. It is designed to work slowly, shutting down one internal organ at a time. Brynia herself is immune to the poison.

Energy pill

Brynia’s energy pills are candy-like substances which contain potent magical energy. One pill restores her stamina to 100%, replenishing her magic along with it. These pills are rare and difficult to create, and thus, she conserves her supply. She usually carries seven of them on her.


Despite her appearance, Brynia has remarkable defensive capabilities that make her virtually untouchable. Relying mostly on attrition, her abilities make her excel at long-range combat.


One of Brynia’s many tricks is the ability to jinx others which she performs simply by pointing her umbrella at a target. A jinxed victim suddenly suffers a nigh endless stroke of bad luck as the odds of winning shift away from them. Weapons are more likely to jam, and grenades may go off at the wrong time. The only known means of getting past the jinxing is to either sneak up on her, separate her from her umbrella or cast a spell which counteracts the jinx.

Gaze of Agony

One of her most feared abilities is her Gaze of Agony which she can initiate simply through eye contact; only a single glance is needed for it to take effect. When someone looks into her eyes, Brynia can paralyze her victim and cause them to see hallucinations which seem to last for days from the victim’s perspective. After ten seconds of real time, the victim turns to stone which Brynia later collects and brings home for decoration. When trapped in stone, victims are not killed, but they remain alive in constant pain. Because this ability is physically exhausting to perform, Brynia can use the Gaze of Agony only three times per day.

The Gaze of Agony even works when she is viewed through recorded footage. Therefore, the safest way to fight against her is to avoid eye contact altogether.

Brynia infamously used the Gaze of Agony to kill the Toad Queen. While she escaped with her sister Riley, she crippled the entirety of Exaria’s food supply.

Soul steal

Brynia can cast a curse on her opponent which begins a countdown before Brynia absorbs all of their life force causing the target’s life functions to suddenly cease. Victims have a number branded on them which goes down by one every time the user exerts a certain amount of energy. Because of this, the countdown goes down even faster if cast upon an individual with superpowers. However, one can cure themselves of the condition with holy water or a priest blessing.


Brynia has a charm spell which oversaturates her target with affection towards her. As a result, the target can willingly do her bidding. Individuals who have a strong will are able to resist it.

Adrenaline sap

Brynia can cast a spell which gradually decreases the adrenaline levels of the target until they lose motivation and eventually fall asleep, even on the battlefield. This spell is also capable of disabling superpowers, because many supers rely on adrenaline for their own powers to work.


Another one of Brynia’s many curses is amplifying her targets emotions to the point where they can no longer control them. For many targets, this sends them into a blind, irrational rage. More disciplined minds are far more resistant.


The reverse of Rage, Brynia can bring out the inner most sorrows and regrets of any person or individual forcing them to become less impulsive and more level-headed. The more hotheaded the target is, the more difficult it is for the spell to last.