History of MIM

The Country of Norma

Human history of the MIM-4185113 system began on Earth in the country of Norma, a sizable republic found in the northwest of Vinland with a predominant super population. This version of Earth takes place in the Alpha Universe where from prehistoric times, humanity has had superpowers as well as magical capabilities. As such, countries and continents have different names than what is known in our world. The land in which Norma exists is also the ancestral home to various clans of sorcerers. Thus, the two have historically had many conflicts.

While supers’ power sets are predictable and easy to document, sorcerers are far less predictable and are considered far more dangerous. After a recent bloody civil war between supers and sorcerers, all sorcerers in Norma were put in reservation lands.

Origin of Michael Albacin

A young man named Michael Albacin lived his life in Norma. He was born during the Norman Civil War and his parents – his dad a super and his mother a sorcerer – were both casualties in the war. Thus, Michael grew up in a foster home and had little attachment to any family.

He had the ability to create wormholes. It is thought he got this ability from his mother’s magical abilities and his father had superspeed. He was fairly average and used his powers for mundane purposes like getting to and from classes instantly. He also used it for party tricks and to sneak into the girls’ locker room.

After getting kicked out of school for his misbehavior, he turned to a life of crime and used his abilities for burglary. As he’d rob from all over the world, he couldn’t be caught. His life changed when he attempted to steal from Dr. Stewart Raminti who set a trap for him through the use of basic relativistic physics. However, instead of turning Michael into the police, Dr. Raminti believed he was capable of good things. Through the use of Michael’s wormholes, new energy sources and new means of transportation would come to light. Michael changed his ways as a thief to better understand his powers and would eventually come to view Dr. Raminti as a father figure.

Creation of the path to MIM

Michael worked with Dr. Raminti to try to create a wormhole to other planets. They had successful experiments with Mars, but the two of them thought that a future human colony would work best on a planet already suitable for human habitation.

After searching through many star systems, the trinary star system MIM-4185113 system proved to be a good candidate with two different habitable worlds. Michael decided to name one of the planets Albacin III. This planet was tidally locked to its sun and had a permanent day on one side and a permanent night on the other.

In the coming years, many intrepid scientists and explorers took up the task of establishing a settlement on Albacin III. It was a scientific study and also a good testing ground for supers.

Founding of the Exaria Colony

Their discovery caught the attention of many different sorcerers living on reservations. In Norma, sorcerers were oppressed and persecuted because their range of powers made them more dangerous than a typical super. While supers typically had control of the physical world, sorcerers could manipulate probability and thus, use magic.

These sorcerers were looking for a new life with better working conditions. The government of Norma hastily agreed and sent a population of sorcerers over to the other habitable world Exaria. Among the population was Clan Dwimmer, Clan Malsworth and Clan Ridley.

The Exaria expedition however was far less funded than the one to Albacin III. The government was really just trying to get rid of the sorcerers so as to not deal with them anymore. Thus, the sorcerers arrived on Exaria underprepared.

The colonists of Exaria quickly discovered that very little, if any of the food there was viable for consumption. Michael and Dr. Raminti attempted to help, but the leader of the colonists refused help from non-sorcerers. Notably however, a young child named Sera Dwimmer escaped to live on the Albacin III colony. She wanted to learn more about Michael’s wormhole abilities to hopefully one day help repair relations between their peoples.

The Exarians now isolated turned to their own solution. They discovered a native life form called the Toad Queen, an earth goddess who controlled all life on the Exaria. The Toad Queen offered to bring bountiful harvests in exchange for a human sacrifice every season. The colonists desperately agreed. Hearing of this, Sera tried to work to get the sorcerers off Exaria.

Mass Migration from Earth

Michael soon found himself as a gatekeeper of sorts bringing people from Earth to MIM. Exaria and Albacin III were close enough proximity that they could be reasonably reached with sublight ships.

Though the population of Albacin III grew over the years, no more colonists entered Exaria as the place was mutually deemed off limits by outsiders. Sera eventually gave up on smuggling sorcerers from Exaria as the new denizens of Albacin III weren’t taking too kindly to their presence.

Discovery of the Archons

As the colony on Albacin III grew, the attention was drawn by a group of alien beings called the Archons. The Archons were an alien race that lost their homeworld of Wisma to a degrading biosphere and chose to preserve themselves as noncorporeal beings in a digital world called Salvation. They were led by a powerful AI mind known as the Architect which is responsible for managing the existence of Salvation.

The Archons had held themselves up inside Salvation for 10,000 years, never bothering to venture beyond. But the new presence of humanity in the MIM system gave them a reason to build relations.

While the Archons were happy to share their knowledge, it was still considered a major offense to hybridize with organic life. The Archons were strict believers in that the ultimate goal of intelligent life was to ascend beyond a physical body as they had done. Thus, the Archons would help the colony of Albacin III develop further and become self-sustaining.

Exaria, however, remained willfully isolated as a pre-industrial society making regular sacrifices to the Toad Queen. A few Exarians escaped in secret. However, many turned to a life of crime as prejudice against sorcerers still continued in Albacin III.

Severing of the Wormhole Network

All contact with Earth was abruptly cut off when an extremist Exarian refugee known as Thaumaturgus murdered Michael who at this point was around age 50. Dr. Stewart Raminti survived and could barely live with himself that his own pupil was gone. As one of the top scientists in the MIM system, Dr. Raminti dedicated his life to try to recreate the wormhole superpower. When that failed, he hesitantly turned to the Exarian sorcerers for answers. He thought that by using magic, a similar wormhole power could be harnessed. Unfortunately, magic was still not yet well understood scientifically.

The Architect’s Equation

Dr. Raminti did not live long enough to finish his work, but he passed it on to his family. His grandson, Ashley Raminti, would be the one to discover what came to be known as the Architect’s Equation. With the collaboration of an elderly Sera Dwimmer, Ashley realized that the human mind could not comprehend magic, but an advanced artificial intelligence could. Thus, he asked the Archons for assistance and used the computational processing power of the Architect to create an equation that explains its inner workings.

In light of all these events, a new police force was formed called Trenova founded by Director James Tyr. Trenova was a task force of supers that would keep Albacin III safe and to properly fight off any rogue Exarian extremists.

Deterioration of Archon relations

The Architect’s Equation had massive ramifications on the magical community. Suddenly, it seemed that they weren’t sorcerers at all anymore. Because magic now had a scientific explanation, it split the perspective of the general public. Some now believed the sorcerers to be liars and tricksters all along, while others believed that nothing had changed from before. This had escalated tensions further. In spite of Trenova’s efforts to keep the peace, the MIM system was apparently on the brink of a civil conflict as the divide between Albacin III and the Exarian refugees increased. A terrorist organization known as the Hundred Moon Clan began its roots around this time – forming a base on a moon near Exaria known as Syen. It was founded by an Exarian named Graham the Magnificent.

One of Ashley’s major discoveries was that as a result of the Architect’s Equation, humans could be synthesized with Archon DNA to create human-Archon hybrids. The Archons found this to be unacceptable and denied any support. In addition, they chose not to get involved in any human conflicts and isolated themselves – the Architect himself regretting reaching out and meddling with human affairs.

Many began to resent the Archons for withdrawing. Not all Archons were on board with the Architect’s decision either. And thus, animosity between the two further increased. Now MIM was in danger of spiraling into a three-way humanitarian conflict.

Origin of Savien Wesiford

Ten years after the creation of the Architect’s Equation and about 100 years since MIM was first colonized, a woman named Lurra Wesiford fell in love with an Archon named Roh. However, Lurra had a condition where she could not conceive of children. It was also forbidden by the Archons to have human-Archon hybrids, but Roh and Lurra wished to ignore this. They sought out help from Ashley Raminti to produce a human-Archon hybrid. Neither of them wanted to be constrained by what they considered arbitrary laws and they believed that in doing so, they could help bridge the gap between humans and Archons.

During the process of combining Roh’s and Lurra’s DNA to a new human, there was a malfunction. Roh’s DNA was rejected in the process. Roh’s brother Durana chose to donate his DNA instead and surprisingly, it worked. Savien Wesiford was born a healthy human-Archon hybrid.

However, Durana overstepped his bounds and tried to take Savien as his new son. Technically, Durana was Savien’s biological father, but still had no legal right to Savien’s custody. As a result, Durana was barred from seeing Savien.

Savien, however, was raised and told not to disclose his powers to anyone except his closest friends and family. Ashley’s son, Galvon, was around Savien’s age and the two would become friends.

Origin of Riley Malsworth

Meanwhile on Exaria, the sorcerers living there continued to live in isolation under the guidance of the Toad Queen. They supplied her with regular human sacrifices in exchange for bountiful harvests. After a history of conflict over voluntary sacrifices, the Exarian government decided to change it so that the fact that human sacrifices existed were kept secret.

Among Clan Malsworth lived two young witches: Riley and Brynia. Both attended a school in Arcana City where they learned how to use magic. They grew up in friendly competition trying to become the most powerful witch in school. Brynia reached the top of her class while Riley was in second. However, soon after, Brynia mysteriously vanished. Supposedly, she was sent on a pilgrimage to see the Toad Queen. Riley searched for answers.

After exploring a library in Arcana City for forbidden knowledge. Eventually, she put the pieces together and discovered that Brynia was sacrificed to the Toad Queen. Not willing to believe her sister was gone just yet, Riley went to go see the Toad Queen on her own.

After Riley arrived, she met with the Toad Queen. The “toad” part of the Toad Queen was just a small avatar of a much larger plant-like being tied to the entire moon’s ecosystem. It was in this way that the Toad Queen could control crop harvests. Riley discovered that Brynia was not dead yet, but was inside the Toad Queen in a fleshy prison as her body was slowly being siphoned away for energy.

Riley begged the Toad Queen to trade places with Brynia, but was denied that request. However, Riley wanted to at least see her sister before leaving her to die. Thus, the Earth Goddess swallowed Riley whole.

Inside the Earth Goddess was a cavernous chamber with many pods that contained the many sacrifices over the past century. In one of the pods was Brynia who was still alive. However, the Toad Queen planned to keep Riley trapped as she knew too much about the history of Exaria. So Riley instead helped to break Brynia out and escape. Brynia, however, was upset about being selected as a sacrifice, and used her powers to kill the Earth Goddess from the inside.

With the Earth Goddess now dead, the ecosystem of Exaria began to collapse which would lead to widespread famine in the colony. Riley, who was angry over Brynia’s decision to kill the Earth Goddess, parted ways. An elderly Sera Dwimmer discovered Riley and took her to Albacin while Brynia was discovered by the Hundred Moon Clan and taken to Syen.

Meeting between Savien and Riley

Sera wanted to try to introduce Riley to a normal life. And thus, she began attending Drosmer High School in the town of Vanda – a city in Albacin III. The prejudice against sorcerers was still strong so Riley had a difficult time adapting. However, she eventually met Savien Wesiford and Galvon Raminti who were both attending the same school. Savien very quickly developed a crush on Riley, but isn’t quite sure how to approach her. Galvon serves as his wingman.

Riley was uncomfortable about showing off her powers, but Savien convinced her that it was okay. Savien – up to this point – had only been using his powers for pranks. However, he felt like he could trust Riley and thus revealed to her that he was an Archon-human hybrid.

The three of them hang out more as friends. They decide to eventually spend the semester break at the city of Zahar – located on Albacin III’s night side. Zahar was known for its festivals and fireworks. When the three of them go out to dinner there, Savien reveals to Riley that a consequence of being an Archon-human was that he didn’t need to eat or sleep. However, food tastes bland to him. But after seeing Riley’s emotional reaction to the food, Savien begins to resent not being able to taste anything.

Attack on Zahar

Towards the end of their semester break, Savien, Riley and Galvon attend a freak show supposedly made of supers and sorcerers showing off their talents. Riley discovers that Brynia – her sister whom she hadn’t seen in months – was a member of that freak show. Their relationship, however, is hostile. Brynia has no interest in going back because she found a new home.

What they soon discovered however was that the freak show was a front for a terrorist organization known as the Hundred Moon Clan, and ever since killing the Toad Queen, Brynia became a member of it.

Eventually, this leads to the Hundred Moon Clan itself revealing their true colors and they attack the city. Among the attackers are Graham the Magnificent who had control over illusion magic, Irigor von Larané who controls gravity, and Blank Slate – a mime that can copy other abilities and also bestow powers to others. Blank Slate is apparently mass granting people different superpowers. The reason why remains unclear to the public, but the Hundred Moon Clan seems to be doing it deliberately.

Brynia attacks Galvon and turns him to stone. Galvon was still alive however. After this event, Savien and Riley decide to join Trenova so that they’d have a way of eventually capturing Brynia to make her undo the spell.

Mystic Squad

After some training, Savien and Riley become part of a team called the Mystic Squad. The Mystic Squad was Trenova’s attempt to give people like Exarians or Archon-humans a chance to practice their powers without fear. Another team member they make friends with is named Allen Attenbury who acquired superspeed after being granted it by Blank Slate after the attack on Zahar.

The Mystic Squad works with other supers and magic users to try to track down members of the Hundred Moon Clan. They hoped to be able to track down Brynia so that they could undo the spell on Galvon.


The Mystic Squad managed to track down the Hundred Moon Clan’s base operations – a moon called Syen located near Exaria. Unlike Exaria which was mostly covered in forests, Syen was a dry desert that was barely habitable. Syen had a much lower gravity than Exaria and thus, superpowers were more potent here. The moon also had many floating islands and off-balance gravity as a result of experimentation by Irigor von Larané.

The Hundred Moon Clan base had an area where many individuals were held in captivity. Every single one of these individuals ranged from different types of sorcerers to very notably – an unusually large amount of supers with superspeed. Some of the Hundred Moon Clan members used to be prisoners until they willingly joined.

The Hundred Moon Clan’s Plans

Upon arrival, they find out what the Hundred Moon Clan had been up to. They discover all the Hundred Moon Clan members there including Riley’s sister Brynia. Through the use of Blank Slate, Graham the Magnificent was looking for a way to get back to Earth. Many years ago, Thaumaturgus’ murder of Michael Albacin was an attempt to prevent any sort of method of going back, but the progenitors of the Hundred Moon Clan were able to recover a DNA sample. It was the Hundred Moon Clan’s intention to go back to Earth just as much as Ashley Raminti’s.

The DNA sample was introduced to Blank Slate (who acquired his abilities by getting augmented with Archon DNA) hoping that Blank Slate could copy it. However, Blank Slate instead got superspeed from it, presumably because Michael’s father had that power. The Hundred Moon Clan believed this was enough to work with. Their plan was to mass produce the superspeed power until it was potent enough to produce an individual that could run at the speed of light. Irigor’s gravity powers were a key to figuring this out as the Hundred Moon Clan believed that combining superspeed and gravity, they could create the wormhole.

Allen Attenbury as it happened was one of the best candidates. In his training, Allen learned how to run at 99% the speed of light. The Hundred Moon Clan considered a trade. To bring Galvon back while handing over Allen. Allen was willing to accept the trade, but Savien and Riley were not. A standoff occurred and eventually an all-out battle between the Mystic Squad and the Hundred Moon Clan.

Battle of Syen

The battle between Mystic Squad and the Hundred Moon Clan escalates as both sides used the full extent of their powers. A few of the prisoners were also broken out leading to an all-out battle that escalated to the point where Trenova had to send more squads over for assistance.

In the middle of the battle, Brynia was captured and taken to undo the spell on Galvon. Galvon was caught up on all the events that occurred. He began to offer his insight on what the Hundred Moon Clan planned to do and tried to figure out how to factor in the Architect’s Equation.

The battle eventually drew the attention of Durana, an Archon who was Savien’s father biologically. Durana also revealed himself to be the true leader of the Hundred Moon Clan as he had to remain in hiding to avoid the other Archons getting involved. However, Durana was now confident to reveal himself as secretly, he had been drawing energy from Blank Slate – who in turn had been collecting the powers from various individuals. As a result, Durana had become extraordinarily strong and god-like.

Not all Hundred Moon Clan members were on board with this revelation. Some such as Brynia turned against him and sided back with Riley. Irigor was equally not on board and attempted to use his gravity powers against Durana to little effect. However, everything changed when in the middle of Irigor using a powerful gravity attack against Durana, Allen Attenbury charged head on at the speed of light. The resulting reaction created a wormhole that sent Durana on the other side. Savien, Riley, Brynia and Allen were too close and they also got drawn in to the other side.

What they found was that the wormhole did not lead to Earth, but in fact, an alternate universe. Irigor could not keep the wormhole open long enough for them to return, leaving them trapped on the other side.

While the Mystic Squad was trapped in the alternate universe, Irigor turned himself in to Trenova to offer his use of gravity powers to try to open another wormhole. Since Brynia joined the Hundred Moon Clan, Irigor had grown attached to her, seeing her as a daughter. He wanted to get her back.

The Omega Universe

The Omega Universe was a universe in ruins. In this timeline, Michael Albacin was never murdered and had maintained regular contact with Earth. Archons were known as Oligarchs and they were ruled by the Originator rather than the Architect. In the years that followed, it turned out the Oligarchs had conquered all of MIM as well as Earth. In a desperate attempt to fight back, an alternate Blank Slate who had copied Irigor’s powers used his gravity powers to destroy Earth and most of the MIM system.

It also turned out that Durana was not in fact an Archon, but actually an Oligarch agent that was sent over using Michael Albacin’s wormholes traveling between universes rather than across space. Durana was not actually Roh’s brother, but in fact his parallel counterpart. The Archons and Oligarchs across universes seemed to be linked via quantum entanglement on a subconscious level.

In the Omega Universe, it seemed that Michael was still alive and was serving the Oligarchs. Not only were the Oligarchs building an empire across the galaxy. With Durana having successfully scouted out the Alpha Universe, the Oligarchs could potentially expand across the multiverse.

After the Mystic Squad discovered all this, they made it their mission to locate Michael Albacin as it was their only means to get home.

Search for Michael Albacin

The Mystic Squad locates the homeworld of the Oligarchs which is the same as it was in the Alpha Universe. Through the use of the wormhole network, the Oligarchs gathered a variety of supers across the galaxy to terraform Wisma back into a habitable world. The supers that rebuilt Wisma are a group known as the World Shapers who are capable of changing, creating and destroying worlds.

The World Shapers are:

Additionally, Blank Slate was taken in by the Oligarchs and used to pass on Michael Albacin’s powers to other individuals. However, they did not replicate his abilities to his full extent. Michael Albacin this whole thing has been kept in a stasis pod. Ophelia Albacin came the closest.

But the Mystic Squad cannot defeat these opponents. They are too powerful.

Getting home

Realizing how outmatched they are, the Mystic Squad eventually has to retreat and go into hiding. They concoct a plan to get to Durana. They believe because he is linked to Roh through quantum entanglement, they can send a message to the other universe through him.

The plan was to have Savien turn himself over. As Savien was Durana’s real son, he could get close to him. Savien promised Riley that he would return. Savien gets close to Durana and through talking to him, manages to get a covert message to Roh between universes.

On the other side, Roh passes on the message to Ashley Raminti and Irigor. Working together, they figure out how to create a wormhole to allow two way travel between universes. The wormhole is created within Jin’s ring system so that the Oligarchs can’t track them right away.

Savien in the meantime stays behind and continues to try to establish himself with his father. Durana decides that Savien deserves to become a member of the World Shapers. To prove his loyalty, he is sent on a campaign to conquer the Omega version of Earth.

Reconnection with Alpha Earth

With the threat of the Oligarchs now assessed, it was decided that Trenova needed to expand its numbers. An imperfect recreation of the wormhole technology is used to link back to Earth which had since entered a post-apocalyptic state. Because of this, it was much more difficult to mobilize and reestablish relations. Thus, it was considered practical to turn to the Exarians for help.

Return to Exaria

For the first time in a long time, Riley and Brynia return to Exaria. Since they left, the colony has spiraled into a famine. The crops would no longer grow and much of the area had died.

Worse yet, some colonists had begun to venture into a forbidden part of Exaria where the dangerous Exarfruit grows. Those who eat of the Exarfruit become incredibly ravenous and instinct driven as the toxins inside control the mind. It seemed the Earth Goddess was exacting vengeance.


The events beyond this point have yet to unfold. A war between the Alpha and Omega universes looms on the horizon.