Hundred Moon Clan

The Hundred Moon Clan is an organization consisting of powerful supers and sorcerers. Originally starting off as a freak show, the Hundred Moon Clan has since evolved into a dangerous criminal organization. Members of the Hundred Moon Clan typically wear all black attire, and each of them bear a tattoo depicting a moon in some way shape, or form.


After Graham the Magnificent was banished from Clan Ridley for his deceitful ways, the Hundred Moon Clan had originated on the volcanic world of Syen, one of the moon of the gas giant Jin which is found in the MIM-4185113 system. Jin has more than one hundred moons hence the clan’s name.


  • Graham the Magnificent – Founder of the Hundred Moon Clan, Graham the Magnificent is a master illusionist.
  • Durana – An Archon exiled for his heretical beliefs. Durana augmented himself with human DNA so that he can travel to and from the physical world just as easily as Archon-Humans. He is the brother of Roh and Savien Wesiford’s uncle.
  • Brynia Malsworth – The youngest member of the clan, Brynia Malsworth is a witch skilled with magic.
  • Irigor von Larané – Irigor von Larané is a large, burly individual born with the power to control gravity.
  • Blank Slate – A mime with the ability to mimic the superpowers of those around him.