Riley Malsworth

Riley Malsworth is a witch from Exaria and a member of Clan Malsworth.


Riley has blonde hair and purple eyes as a family trait, but contrasting her sister, Riley chooses to dress in bright red and yellow attire. On some occasions, she paints her face white and wears bright red lipstick with black eyeliner.


Riley is shy, socially awkward and incredibly self-conscious. Although she is open around other sorcerers, she feels less welcome around foreigners who may be afraid of her magical abilities. As such, she is highly reclusive. However, she has a soft spot for cooking and baking – a hobby she picked up after settling on Albacin III, but one that she’s somehow embarrassed to admit to.


Riley is skilled with magic like all members of her family. Specialized in animating objects to life, she has been collecting dolls to practice her magic on since the age of seven. She relies mostly on her magic to defend herself.

Object animation

Riley’s animation spells allows her manipulate objects with magic. The spell works on almost everything, though it works best with objects designed to be mobile such as humanoid dolls and toy vehicles.

Human animation

With extra effort, Riley can control the movements of other humans. Faster moving targets are more difficult to control.

Self animation

Self-animation is a more difficult spell to perform, and she learned after joining the Mystic Squad. When Riley finds herself outmatched by an opponent in speed, she can cast the animation spell on herself boosting her reaction time to near instantaneous, and allow her to do physical maneuvers that she would otherwise not have the natural skill for.

Magic blast

Riley can raise her palm forward to create a shockwave of magical force. It does no physical damage, but it severely disorients the target.


Not very good with conventional weaponry, Riley is instead skilled in controlling several types of puppets of her own creation.


Riley’s primary tool for combat is a plush doll puppet named Marianna which she controls using her animation spell. This puppet, though only two feet tall, is more than capable of using any weapon a human can from knives to machine guns. Over the years, she has gradually added to the puppet so that it is capable of a greater variety of tasks.


Ragnor is a giant puppet in the shape of a winged dragonman. Far too large to carry around, Ragnor must be summoned by shouting out its name. Due to the puppet being magical in nature, it can hear Riley anywhere no matter where she is in the universe, and it will immediately make its way to Riley’s location as fast as it can.

Ragnor can glide at mach 4 and fire a more powerful version of Riley’s magic blast which will not only stun the targets, but also send them flying. However, because of the amount of energy it takes to summon and command Ragnor, Riley only does so in dire situations.

Adamant Knight

The Adamant Knight is an 8 foot tall suit of armor made of adamantine, a rare, very strong metal. Like Ragnor, the Adamant Knight must be summoned by calling it. Carrying an adamantine longsword and shield, the knight is a powerhouse of a puppet able to withstand forces as strong as nuclear blasts.