Irigor von Larané

Irigor von Larané is a super with the power to control gravity including its direction and how intense it is. He is a member of the Hundred Moon Clan.


Irigor’s parents were both supers with telekinetic abilities. Their names were Leonard and Magnolia. When Irigor was still in the womb, he had accidentally used his powers to crush his own mother from the inside. The same accident severely disfigured Irigor’s face and spine, but he miraculously survived. Considered an abomination and a freak, Irigor was cast away and blamed for his mother Magnolia’s death. Irigor had since became a notorious criminal before becoming a co-founder of the Hundred Moon Clan after meeting Graham the Magnicifent.


Irigor has a hunchback and a disfigured face. To hide his own appearance, he chooses to wear black robes, a white mask with a slight smile on it and a bowler hat. He can often be seen walking with a cane as well, passively using his gravity powers to hold himself upwards.


Although many would consider him a brute, Irigor is actually highly intelligent. He is calm and collected but has little tolerance for incompetence.

Equipment and abilities

Gravity Control

Irigor has the ability to control gravity through a process akin to telekinesis. He can control how forceful it is as well as what direction it goes. The gravity powers work in a local area within the radius of his line of sight.