The Exarfruit is a type of fruit native to the moon Exaria that relies on a parasitic method of reproduction.


Six inches in diameter, the Exarfruit is a round, red juicy fruit that grows on shrubs in the ground. It is one of the most flourishing and abundant fruits in the Arcana City region. However, this fruit has a deadly secret.

The fruit’s seeds are magical in nature. Once ingested, the seed begins to sap away the consumer’s life force, slowly draining them of energy. The fruit’s juice on the other hand releases a toxin into the brain that tricks one into believing that they are hungry even if they are not. Naturally, this will force the victim to eat the seed even if they attempt to resist.

The rate at which the life force is drained exponentially increases making the one hungrier and hungrier and increasing their appetite. Although the victim begins to consume far more than they are able to in a single day, they actually start becoming more emaciated because the seed is absorbing more and more energy.

Eventually, the victim becomes a complete slave to their own hunger. They become ravenous eating whatever they can in sight even if it isn’t edible. Latter stage victims start to attempt to eat others of their own kind, and when they finally perish, a new Exarfruit plant grows in its place uses the victim’s corpse as fertilizer. The plant can take anywhere from a few hours to mere minutes depending on how much energy the seed sapped away.

Notable instances of use

The fruit was first discovered by the sorcerers that settled in Arcana City. The presence of this fruit was part of the reason why Arcana was built in the rugged mountains where the fruit could not grow. Thus, anyone who had eaten the fruit could easily be quarantined. However, with the death of the Toad Queen, many starving people had went down the mountain to search for food. Much of the population had eaten from the fruit causing a plague across the moon’s entire civilization.

Despite Mystic Squad’s efforts to stop its spread, the fruit somehow made it off of Exaria and into the hands of black market traders who weaponized the fruit’s juice.


There is currently no known cure for the effects of the Exarfruit. Mystic Squad was sent to Exaria in an attempt to discover one.