Captain Antares

Captain Antares is a spacefaring super that protects Earth from outside threats. To many supers and sorcerers alike, he is considered a role model.


Captain Antares has the the power of flight and strong energy potential. He can siphon the energies of the space around him and redirect them as waves and blasts that can incinerate through steel. This allows him to fly at a maximum speed of 99% the speed of light – the sheer momentum of it allowing him to rip through many structures. Captain Antares also can telekinetically manipulate nearby asteroids and space dust to form protective shields and form objects.

His ultimate ability is called Supernova, where he ignites himself and creates a massive explosion. Although this is a very risky move that has the potential to kill him, Captain Antares’s maximum potential is being able to destroy an entire planet. Only once was he forced to use this move. A hostile alien invader unleashed a zombie virus that affected the planet Lugoshin. The virus was on the verge of spreading beyond the planet and affecting the entire galaxy – as a last minute resort he was forced to destroy the whole planet to incinerate the virus once and for all.