Vanda is one the largest and most wealthy city-states on Albacin III. One of the first settlements on the planet, Vanda was founded by Kyle Drosmer, a colonist recognized as both a war-hero and a leader.


Vanda’s latitude is slightly towards the night side. Thus, the sun appears to be in a constant sunset resulting in a much drier climate than the areas closer to the day side. The surrounding regions consist of rolling plains and grasslands with occasional lakes.


Vanda is shaped like a circle. The downtown area is a sprawling urban establishment built around a hillside. The buildings in the middle of the city appear taller because they are located on slightly higher elevation. Some have compared the skyscrapers to the towers of a castle because of this. This centermost region is the most populated and crowded.

The outskirts of the city tend to be much quieter. Farmland stretches for miles concentrically around the main city dotted with few living establishments. The inner circles are comprised of suburban regions while housing establishments become fewer and more spaced apart the further away.

Points of interest

  • Archon Embassy – An embassy where diplomatic relations with the Archons are handled. It is located deep in the downtown area.
  • Drosmer Memorial – A statue of Kyle Drosmer built in the founder’s honor. It is located just at the downtown area’s entrance.
  • Vanda Institute of Science – A college with a campus encompassing a notable portion of the lower downtown area.
  • Town Hall – The center of government for Vanda
  • Sapphire Marsh – A populous suburban area.
  • Drosmer High School – A school for grades 9 through 12 located in Sapphire Marsh.