The planet Mamphibireptile is an Earth-like world located in the Karland Universe. It has two moons – the ocean-covered Beaunu and the harsh, unforgiving Desolat. The planet is home to a variety of intelligent talking animals as well as a diverse number of other flora and fauna.

The geography of Mamphibireptile consists of oceans with islands off the coast of a main continent. The continent is home to the metropolis Moucat City while a nearby power plant called Laser Industries provides energy to the city in the form of Power Gems.

On the opposite side of the planet is a continent called Gondra which had a swords and sorcery era that was once ruled by the Three Dragons. Somewhere on the planet is a distant island of fairies called Farland.



A large, sprawling continent filled with a variety of biomes.


A medium-sized continent on the opposite hemisphere as the mainland. In medieval times it was once a prosperous kingdom ruled by Three Dragons.

  • Fire Badlands
  • Water Islands
  • Ice Tundras

Specific Ocean

The largest ocean in Mamphibireptile.

  • Trophia
  • Lancemlee
  • Isle of Farland


A large series of subterranean caverns deep below Mamphibireptile.

  • Dark World
  • The Inferno

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