Karland is a nebula located one billion light-years away from Earth. The planets within it formed when six meteors were caught in its gravitational center. These meteors collided and eventually formed planets and galaxies within it. It is believed the collision event took place 6,000 years ago.

The shattered fragments of these six meteors formed thousands of smaller worlds while a few of these larger worlds formed into planets. These planets however are not like planets in the normal universe. A planet’s sun can sometimes be merely the size of a small moon and orbit its parent planet. Climate and geography is also highly anomalous as two different climate zones such as a desert and a tundra can be side by side one another, separated only by an arbitrary border that can easily be walked over. The rules of convection do not always apply and one can stand near lava without ill effect.

One of the most notable areas is Mamphibireptile an Earth-like world with two moons: Beaunu and Desolat. It consists of oceans with islands off the coast of a main continent. The continent is home to the metropolis Moucat City while a nearby power plant called Laser Industries provides energy to the city in the form of Power Gems. 

Another major world is Gophertopia, ruled by the Gopher Queen  – the witch queen who rules over Gophers that on the outside seem like cute pets, but become very dangerous through their large consumption of resources. Gopher Queen’s goal is to conquer the universe by making it a paradise for all Gophers to live by siphoning the energy of all the other worlds in Karland. The planet’s life essence was tied directly to the Gopher Queen herself.

In 2006, the Gopher Queen was defeated. However, this caused Gophertopia to be destroyed, and the surviving Gophers threatened to remake the entire universe by transforming the Planet Graveyard – the gathering point of destroyed worlds within Karland – into a new Gophertopia.

Karland Universe


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